How to Make a QR Code for a Google Form: A Step-by-Step Guide

Making a QR code for a Google Form is pretty straightforward. It’s a fantastic way to share your form easily with others, whether it’s for gathering event RSVPs, conducting a survey, or collecting contact information. All you need is to get your form’s link, generate the QR code, and download it for sharing. Let’s dive into the steps to get this done.

Step by Step Tutorial: Making a QR Code for a Google Form

Before we start, it’s important to understand that these steps will guide you through creating a digital barcode that, when scanned, will direct users straight to your Google Form. It’s a seamless way to collect responses without having to share a long, cumbersome URL.

Step 1: Create or open your Google Form

Begin by creating a new Google Form or opening an existing one. Make sure your form is complete and ready to be shared.
Creating a Google Form is easy. You can customize your form with different question types, add images, and even change the color theme. Once your form is set up, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Get the shareable link of your Google Form

Once your form is ready, click on the “Send” button at the top-right corner. Under the ‘Send via’ section, choose the link icon and copy the link provided.
The link to your Google Form is essentially the gateway that participants will use to access your form. Ensure that you’ve set the appropriate permissions so that anyone with the link can access it.

Step 3: Go to a QR code generator website

Navigate to your preferred QR code generator website. There are many free options available such as or
Choosing a reliable QR code generator is crucial. Some offer additional features like customization, tracking, and analytics. Choose one that meets your needs.

Step 4: Paste the link of your Google Form into the QR code generator

In the QR code generator, find the URL field and paste your Google Form’s link there. Often, this is all you need to do before generating the code.
Some QR code generators allow you to customize the color and design of your QR code. This could be a nice touch, especially if you want your QR code to match your event’s theme or your company’s branding.

Step 5: Generate and download the QR code

Click the generate button – typically labeled as “Create QR Code” or something similar – and then download the QR code. Save it to your computer or device.
Once your QR code is downloaded, you can add it to posters, flyers, emails, or any other promotional materials. This makes it easy for people to access your Google Form with just a quick scan using their smartphone cameras.

After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have a QR code that links directly to your Google Form. When someone scans the QR code with their smartphone, they’ll be taken straight to your form, ready to fill out and submit their response.

Tips for Making a QR Code for a Google Form

  • Make sure your form is set to “Anyone with the link can respond” before generating the QR code.
  • Test the QR code with a smartphone before distributing it to ensure it works correctly.
  • Consider customizing your QR code with colors or a logo to make it more appealing or on-brand.
  • Keep in mind that the simpler the QR code design, the easier it is for QR scanners to read.
  • Share the QR code in a variety of ways – print it on marketing materials, include it in an email, or post it on social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my Google Form’s permissions are set correctly?

After clicking the “Send” button in your Google Form, ensure that the form is set to “Anyone with the link can respond.” This will allow users who scan your QR code to access the form without any issues.

Can I track how many times my QR code has been scanned?

Yes, some QR code generators offer tracking and analytics capabilities. These features often require signing up for an account or opting for a premium plan.

What should I do if the QR code doesn’t work?

First, make sure the link to your Google Form is correct and working. Then, test the QR code with different QR scanners to ensure compatibility. If it still doesn’t work, regenerate the QR code or try a different generator.

Can I change the design of my QR code?

Many QR code generators allow you to customize the design, but make sure not to compromise the code’s readability.

Is it possible to edit the Google Form after creating the QR code?

Yes, you can continue to edit your Google Form even after the QR code has been generated. The QR code will still direct users to the updated form.


  1. Create or open your Google Form.
  2. Get the shareable link of your Google Form.
  3. Go to a QR code generator website.
  4. Paste the link into the QR code generator.
  5. Generate and download the QR code.


There you have it, a simple and effective way to make a QR code for a Google Form. Whether you’re organizing an event, conducting a survey, or simply gathering information, QR codes can significantly streamline the process. By eliminating the need for typing out URLs, you ensure quick and easy access to your form, thus increasing the likelihood of getting more responses. Remember to test your QR code before sharing it widely and consider the additional tips to enhance its effectiveness. So go ahead, create your Google Form, and let that QR code work its magic!

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