How to Hide My Location on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Want to keep your whereabouts private on your iPhone? Whether you’re concerned about security or just want some peace of mind, hiding your location is simple. With a few taps in your settings, you can stop sharing your location with apps and contacts. After reading this overview, you’ll be equipped to keep your iPhone location all to yourself.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Hide Your Location on iPhone

Before we dive into the steps, let me give you a heads up on what we’re about to do. By tweaking a few settings on your iPhone, you can make sure that none of the apps or services on your phone will be able to track or share your location. This is great for privacy and can also save you from those pesky ads that seem to know exactly where you are!

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Opening the Settings app is your gateway to making changes to how your iPhone operates, including your privacy settings.

Once you’re in Settings, you’ll have access to all sorts of options that control how your phone uses your information, including your location. Think of it as the command center for your personal data.

Step 2: Scroll down to the “Privacy” section and tap it.

The Privacy section is where all the settings related to your personal data are housed.

In this section, you’ll find options for everything from your contacts and calendars to your photos and microphone. But we’re focusing on location services, so that’s where we’ll head next.

Step 3: Tap on “Location Services.”

Location Services is the feature that allows apps to use your location for various purposes, whether it’s navigating with maps or tagging a photo with the location it was taken.

Turning off Location Services will prevent apps from accessing your location, which means they won’t be able to track you or share your location with others.

Step 4: Toggle off the “Location Services” switch.

By toggling off the Location Services switch, you’re telling your iPhone that you don’t want any apps to have access to your location.

This is a big step towards maintaining your privacy, as it’ll stop apps from knowing where you are. It’ll also save you from having to manually deny location access to each app.

After completing these steps, your iPhone will no longer share your location with any apps or services. You’ll have successfully hidden your location and taken a big step towards protecting your privacy.

Tips on How to Hide Your Location on iPhone

  • Consider using a VPN service to further mask your location and browsing activity.
  • Remember to turn off “Share My Location” in the “Find My” app if you don’t want friends or family to see where you are.
  • Some apps may not function properly without location services, so be sure to check if any essential apps stop working after you turn it off.
  • You can still use maps and other location-based services by manually entering your location.
  • Regularly check your location settings to ensure that they haven’t been changed or reset after an iOS update.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hide my location from certain people or apps while still using Location Services?

Yes, you can choose to share your location with specific people or allow certain apps to access your location while restricting others.

Will turning off Location Services affect my Find My iPhone feature?

Yes, if you turn off Location Services, the Find My iPhone feature will not be able to locate your device.

Can I still use GPS navigation if I turn off Location Services?

No, GPS navigation apps require location services to function properly. You’ll need to enable location services temporarily to use these apps.

Will turning off Location Services stop all tracking on my iPhone?

Turning off Location Services will stop apps from tracking your location, but your cellular provider may still track your location for network purposes.

Is it possible to fake my location on my iPhone?

Yes, there are third-party apps available that can fake your location, but these require additional steps and are not recommended for security reasons.


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll to and tap “Privacy.”
  3. Tap on “Location Services.”
  4. Toggle off the “Location Services” switch.


Securing your privacy on your iPhone is paramount in today’s digital age where location tracking is prevalent. Knowing how to hide your location on iPhone is a simple yet effective way to ensure you’re not being monitored without your consent. While there are legitimate reasons for apps to request your location, such as providing weather updates or navigation, not all apps need this information to function.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ve learned how to take control of your location settings and protect your privacy. It’s important to be aware that some apps may not work correctly without access to your location. However, the trade-off for increased privacy is often worth it.

Additionally, keep in mind that disabling Location Services is just one aspect of maintaining your privacy. Using other methods, such as a VPN, can provide an extra layer of security. Always stay vigilant and regularly check your settings to ensure your iPhone is set up the way you want it.

Remember, your location is your business. Don’t let your iPhone spill the beans!

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