How to Hide Apps on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide to Keep Them Private

Hiding apps on an iPad can be useful if you want to keep certain apps private or prevent kids from accessing them. The process is simple: use the iPad’s built-in restrictions and settings to make the apps invisible on the home screen. Follow this quick guide to keep your apps hidden.

How to Hide Apps on iPad

Here’s a step-by-step guide to hiding apps on your iPad. By following these steps, you’ll make sure that the apps you want to keep private are no longer visible on the home screen.

Step 1: Open Settings

First, tap the “Settings” app on your iPad.

You can find the Settings app easily on your home screen. It looks like a gray gear. Opening it will allow you to access all the necessary settings for your device.

Step 2: Navigate to Screen Time

Next, scroll down and tap on “Screen Time.”

Screen Time is a feature that helps you monitor and limit how much time you spend on your iPad. It also includes parental controls and app restrictions.

Step 3: Enter Your Screen Time Passcode

If prompted, enter your Screen Time passcode.

This is a security measure to ensure that only you can make changes to Screen Time settings. If you haven’t set one up, you’ll need to create a passcode.

Step 4: Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions

Now, tap on “Content & Privacy Restrictions.”

This section allows you to manage what content can be accessed on your iPad. You can restrict certain apps and features here.

Step 5: Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions

Toggle the switch to enable Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Once this is enabled, you’ll have access to more options to control the visibility and accessibility of apps on your iPad.

Step 6: Tap on Allowed Apps

Tap on “Allowed Apps” to continue.

Here, you can choose which apps you want to allow on the home screen.

Step 7: Toggle Off the Apps You Want to Hide

Finally, toggle off the switch next to the apps you want to hide.

Once you’ve done this, those apps will no longer appear on your home screen. They’re not deleted, just hidden from view.

After you complete these steps, the apps you chose to hide will not appear on your home screen. You can always go back into the settings to make them visible again if needed.

Tips for Hiding Apps on iPad

  • Make sure to remember your Screen Time passcode. You’ll need it to make changes later.
  • Use this method to hide apps that you don’t use often but still want to keep on your device.
  • This method doesn’t delete apps; it simply hides them. You can still find them using the search feature.
  • If you’re hiding apps to prevent kids from accessing them, consider setting up other parental controls in Screen Time.
  • Review your hidden apps list regularly to ensure you’re not hiding apps you might need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still access hidden apps?

Yes, you can still access hidden apps by using the search feature or going back into the settings to make them visible again.

Will hiding apps affect their performance?

No, hiding apps does not affect their performance. They will continue to function normally in the background.

Can I hide pre-installed apps?

Yes, you can hide pre-installed apps using the same method described above.

Is there a way to hide apps without using Screen Time?

Screen Time is the best built-in method for hiding apps. Other methods may require third-party apps or jailbreaking your iPad, which is not recommended.

Can I hide apps on all iPad models?

Yes, the steps provided work on all iPad models running iOS 12 or later.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Navigate to Screen Time.
  3. Enter your Screen Time passcode.
  4. Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  5. Enable Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  6. Tap on Allowed Apps.
  7. Toggle off the apps you want to hide.


Hiding apps on your iPad is a straightforward process that uses the built-in Screen Time feature. Whether you’re looking to keep certain apps private or manage your child’s screen time, these steps will help you achieve your goal. Remember, these apps aren’t deleted; they’re just hidden from view, making it easy to bring them back whenever you need them.

It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with other Screen Time settings and parental controls if you share your iPad with kids. Keeping your device organized and secure is just a few taps away. If you’re interested in learning more about managing your iPad settings, there are plenty of resources and forums available online. So, go ahead and take control of your iPad today!