How to Get Rid of Activate Windows Watermark in Windows 11: A Guide

Getting rid of the “Activate Windows” watermark on Windows 11 can be done in a few simple steps. First, you need to open the Command Prompt as an administrator. Then, enter a specific command that will disable the watermark. After that, restart your computer, and the watermark should be gone. This process helps users who are bothered by the persistent reminder to activate their copy of Windows.

How to Get Rid of Activate Windows Watermark on Windows 11

This section will guide you through each step to remove the “Activate Windows” watermark on your Windows 11 system.

Step 1: Open Command Prompt as Administrator

Search for “Command Prompt” in the Start menu, right-click it, and select “Run as administrator.”

Running the Command Prompt as an administrator is crucial because it allows you to execute commands that require higher permissions. Without this, the commands you input won’t work.

Step 2: Enter the Command

Type bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF and press Enter.

This command disables the test signing mode, which is often the reason for the watermark appearing. By turning this mode off, you tell Windows to stop showing the watermark.

Step 3: Restart Your Computer

Click on the Start menu, select the power button, and choose “Restart.”

Restarting your computer applies the changes made by the command. Once your system reboots, the watermark should no longer be visible.

After completing these steps, you should no longer see the “Activate Windows” watermark on your Windows 11 screen. Your desktop will look much cleaner, and you won’t be distracted by the watermark.

Tips for Removing Activate Windows Watermark on Windows 11

  • Always run Command Prompt as an administrator to ensure that your commands have the necessary permissions to execute.
  • Keep your Windows 11 up to date to avoid unexpected issues.
  • Google any unfamiliar commands to make sure they are safe and won’t harm your system.
  • Save any open work before restarting your computer to prevent data loss.
  • If the watermark reappears, it might be worth double-checking that your Windows is properly activated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Activate Windows” watermark?

The “Activate Windows” watermark is a reminder from Microsoft that you need to activate your copy of Windows 11 to unlock all features.

Will removing the watermark activate my Windows?

No, removing the watermark does not activate Windows. It only hides the reminder.

Is it legal to remove the watermark?

While removing the watermark is not illegal, it’s always best to activate your Windows to stay within Microsoft’s guidelines.

Can the watermark come back after removing it?

Yes, if Windows detects issues with activation again, the watermark may reappear.

Is there another way to remove the watermark?

Yes, you can buy a valid Windows license key and activate your copy of Windows.

Summary of How to Get Rid of Activate Windows Watermark on Windows 11

  1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator.
  2. Enter bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF.
  3. Restart your computer.


Getting rid of the “Activate Windows” watermark on Windows 11 is a straightforward process that makes your screen look cleaner and less cluttered. By following the steps outlined, you can easily disable this annoying reminder. However, it’s worth noting that this doesn’t activate your Windows copy. For a fully functional Windows experience, activating your copy of Windows is the best way to go. If you’re looking for more in-depth tips and tricks, consider exploring other Windows 11 tutorials or guides. Whether you’re a casual user or a tech enthusiast, understanding how to manage your operating system can make your computing experience much more enjoyable.

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