How to Burn Multiple Disc Copies For Free

Recently I encountered a situation where I needed to burn 100 copies of the same data to a DVD. If you are like me and typically only burn one copy of a disc at a time, then performing the same mind-numbing, repetitive task for hours might seem like a nightmare. Additionally, each DVD was taking about 4 minutes to burn, so I couldn’t stray too far from my computer. There aren’t a lot of feasible solutions to that problem for the the typical individual, but there are ways to bring some automation to the “multiple copies” problem with ImgBurn.


Step 1: Go to the ImgBurn download page, then click the “Mirror 1” link at the center of the window.

Download ImgBurn


Step 2: Save the file to your computer, then double-click the downloaded file and follow the installation prompts.

Save ImgBurn download file


Step 3: Click the “Start” button, click “All programs,” then click “ImgBurn.”


Step 4: Click the burning option that applies to you.


Step 5: Click the “File” and “Folder” icons at the center of the window to add data to the disc, then click the “Device” tab at the top-right portion of the window.


Step 6: Click the “Copies” drop-down menu at the bottom of the window, then click the number of copies that you need.


Step 7: Click the “Burn” button at the bottom of the window. Once the first disc has completed the burn process, ImgBurn will prompt you to insert the next disc. You don’t even have to click “OK” if you don’t want to. It will automatically start burning the next disc a few seconds after your computer recognizes the blank disc.

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