How to Block YouTube on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide to Parental Controls

If you’re trying to block YouTube on an iPad, there are a few simple steps you can follow using built-in parental controls. By setting up these restrictions, you can ensure that YouTube is not accessible on the device. This guide will walk you through how to do it step-by-step, so you can have peace of mind knowing that YouTube is blocked.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Block YouTube on iPad

In this section, we’ll outline the steps needed to block YouTube on an iPad. These steps will help you restrict access to the YouTube app and website, so your device users won’t be able to watch videos on the platform.

Step 1: Open Settings

Navigate to the Settings app on your iPad.

The Settings app is the gear icon you can find on your home screen. Tapping on it will open a menu with various options.

Step 2: Access Screen Time

Scroll down and tap on “Screen Time.”

Screen Time is a feature that allows you to monitor and control the usage of apps on your device. It should be located in the same section as Notifications, Sounds, and Do Not Disturb.

Step 3: Set Up Screen Time

If you haven’t set it up already, tap “Turn On Screen Time” and follow the on-screen instructions.

You’ll be guided through a setup process, which includes creating a Screen Time passcode. This code will prevent others from changing your restrictions.

Step 4: App Limits

Tap on “App Limits” and then “Add Limit.”

App Limits allows you to set time restrictions on categories of apps. You’ll want to use this for blocking YouTube.

Step 5: Select YouTube

Choose “Entertainment” and then select YouTube from the list of apps, and tap “Next.”

By selecting YouTube here, you can specifically target the app without affecting other entertainment apps unless desired.

Step 6: Set Time Limit

Set the time limit to “1 minute” and tap “Add.”

A one-minute limit effectively blocks the app because the user will quickly run out of time upon opening YouTube.

Step 7: Block Websites

Go back to Screen Time, tap “Content & Privacy Restrictions,” then “Content Restrictions,” and “Web Content.”

Here, you can block websites. Choose “Limit Adult Websites” and add YouTube under “Never Allow.”

Step 8: Finalize and Save

Ensure all settings are saved and that your Screen Time passcode is active.

Double-check your settings to make sure they are in effect, and no one else can change them without your passcode.

After completing these steps, YouTube will be blocked on your iPad. Users will not be able to open the YouTube app or access the website.

Tips for How to Block YouTube on iPad

  • Create a strong passcode: Use a passcode that others can’t easily guess so they can’t change the settings.
  • Regularly check settings: Make sure the settings haven’t been altered by periodically checking Screen Time.
  • Utilize Family Sharing: If managing multiple devices, use Family Sharing to apply the same restrictions across all.
  • Educate device users: Explain why YouTube is blocked to avoid any confusion or frustration.
  • Monitor device usage: Regularly review Screen Time reports to ensure that no inappropriate content is being accessed.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Block YouTube on iPad

How can I block YouTube without using Screen Time?

You can use third-party parental control apps like Norton Family or Qustodio to block YouTube.

Can I unblock YouTube later?

Yes, you can easily unblock YouTube by reversing the steps in the Screen Time settings.

Will these settings apply to other devices?

No, you’ll need to set these restrictions individually on each iPad or use Family Sharing for multiple devices.

Is there a way to block just the YouTube website?

Yes, you can block the YouTube website by adding it to the “Never Allow” list under Web Content in Content Restrictions.

What if my kid finds a workaround?

Regularly update your restrictions and monitor device usage to ensure compliance with your rules.

Summary of How to Block YouTube on iPad

  1. Open Settings
  2. Access Screen Time
  3. Set Up Screen Time
  4. App Limits
  5. Select YouTube
  6. Set Time Limit
  7. Block Websites
  8. Finalize and Save


Blocking YouTube on an iPad is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance the safety and productivity of device users. By using the built-in Screen Time features, you can restrict access to the YouTube app and website, ensuring that inappropriate content is kept at bay. Remember to create a strong passcode and regularly monitor the settings to maintain effective restrictions.

If you feel the need for more control, consider using third-party parental control apps that offer advanced features like activity reports and real-time monitoring. Blocking YouTube is just one part of digital parenting, and being proactive about your child’s online habits can make a big difference.

For further reading, check out articles on digital wellbeing and managing screen time effectively. Implement these strategies today and take the first step toward a safer digital environment for your family.

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