How to Add App to Home Screen iPhone 14: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding an app to your iPhone 14 home screen is a breeze. It’s as simple as finding the app you want to add, pressing and holding its icon, and then dragging it to your home screen. After you release the icon, the app will appear on your home screen for easy access. Let’s dive into the details so you can customize your iPhone 14 to your liking.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Add App to Home Screen iPhone 14

Before we jump into the steps, understand that this process will make it easier for you to access your favorite apps directly from the home screen, rather than digging through your app library every time.

Step 1: Find the app you want to add

Tap and swipe left to browse through your app library until you find the app.

Step 2: Press and hold the app icon

Press and hold the app icon until a menu pops up or all the icons start jiggling.

When you press and hold the app icon, you might see a menu with options like "Delete App" or "Share App." If that happens, just keep holding the icon until the menu disappears and the icons start to jiggle. This jiggling indicates that you can now move the app around.

Step 3: Drag the app to the home screen

While still holding the app icon, drag it to the right edge of the screen to move it to your home screen.

As you drag the app towards the right edge of the screen, the app library will start to slide away, and your home screen will appear. Keep dragging the app to your desired location on the home screen.

Step 4: Release the app icon

Let go of the app icon to drop it into place on your home screen.

Once you release the app icon, it will stay in the spot you chose on the home screen. If you change your mind about the location, you can always press and hold the icon again to move it somewhere else.

Step 5: Press the "Done" button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen

When you’re finished adding apps, press "Done" at the top right corner or swipe up from the bottom of the screen to exit the jiggly mode.

Pressing "Done" or swiping up will save the changes you’ve made to your home screen layout. All the new apps you added will now be easily accessible without having to go into your app library.

After you finish these steps, your new app will sit comfortably on your home screen, ready for action. No more swiping through pages to find what you’re looking for – just tap and go!

Tips for How to Add App to Home Screen iPhone 14

  • If you’re having trouble finding the app you want to add, try using the search feature at the top of the app library.
  • You can add multiple apps to your home screen at once by dragging one app, tapping others to group them together, and then moving them all at once.
  • Keep in mind that you can also organize your apps into folders on the home screen by dragging one app onto another.
  • If you accidentally remove an app from the home screen, you can always add it back by following these steps again.
  • Personalize your home screen even further by adding widgets alongside your apps for quick information at a glance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add an app to the home screen directly from the App Store?

Yes, after downloading an app from the App Store, you can add it to your home screen immediately by tapping the "Add to Home Screen" option.

How do I remove an app from the home screen?

To remove an app, press and hold the icon until it jiggles, then tap the minus sign (-) on the app, and select "Remove from Home Screen."

Can I rearrange apps on my home screen?

Absolutely, just enter the jiggling mode by pressing and holding an app and then drag them to your preferred location.

What if I want to add an app back to the home screen that I previously removed?

No problem, just follow the same steps to add it back to your home screen from the app library.

How many apps can I add to my home screen?

You can add as many apps as you have space for. Each page of the home screen can hold up to 24 apps, and you can have multiple pages.


  1. Find the app in your app library.
  2. Press and hold the app icon until it jiggles.
  3. Drag the icon to the home screen.
  4. Release the icon to place the app.
  5. Press "Done" or swipe up to exit jiggly mode.


Customizing your iPhone 14’s home screen by adding apps is a fantastic way to tailor your device to suit your everyday needs. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about making your iPhone truly yours. By following the easy steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to add any app to your home screen in no time. The beauty of iOS is that it allows every user to have a unique experience, and knowing how to add app to home screen iPhone 14 is just the start. So go ahead, personalize your iPhone’s home screen and make the most out of your device with all your favorite apps just a tap away.

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