How Tall is iPhone 14? A Comprehensive Guide to Its Dimensions

When it comes to the latest gadgets, knowing their size can be crucial, especially if you’re concerned about how they’ll fit in your hand or pocket. The iPhone 14 is no exception. So, how tall is the iPhone 14? Let’s dive into that, shall we? By reading this article, you’ll not only find out the height of the iPhone 14 but also discover some handy measures and tips related to it.

Step by Step Tutorial: Measuring the Height of the iPhone 14

Before we get down to business, it’s important to know that the following steps will guide you through measuring the height of the iPhone 14.

Step 1: Find a reliable source

Find a reliable source that provides the specifications of the iPhone 14.

When looking for the height of the iPhone 14, it is crucial to refer to a trustworthy tech website or directly from Apple’s official page. This ensures that the information you get is accurate and up-to-date.

Step 2: Locate the height specification

In the specifications list, locate the height measurement of the iPhone 14.

The height of the iPhone 14 will be listed under the dimensions section and is usually measured in millimeters or inches. Make sure you read the right number, as the width and depth measurements will be listed there as well.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll know the exact height of the iPhone 14. This information can be useful when comparing the iPhone 14 to other models or when considering purchasing a case for your new phone.

Tips: Getting the Most Out of Your iPhone 14’s Size

  • Remember that a larger phone doesn’t always mean a better phone. It’s all about your personal preference and how comfortable you are holding and using the device.
  • Consider how you’ll be using your iPhone 14. If you watch a lot of videos or play games, a taller screen might be beneficial.
  • The height of the iPhone 14 can affect the type of case you’ll want to get. Make sure the case doesn’t add too much bulk if you’re concerned about the size.
  • If you’re switching from an older iPhone model, the size difference might take some getting used to. Give it some time before deciding if the size is right for you.
  • Lastly, the height of the phone can impact its portability. Ensure it fits comfortably in your pocket or bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the iPhone 14 taller than the iPhone 13?

The iPhone 14 is expected to be similar in height to the iPhone 13, but we’ll need to wait for the official specifications to be sure.

Does a taller iPhone mean a larger screen?

Not necessarily. The screen size also depends on the width and the bezel size of the phone.

Will the iPhone 14 fit in a pocket comfortably?

That depends on the size of your pockets, but generally, iPhones are designed to be portable.

Does the height affect the camera quality of the iPhone 14?

The height of the phone has no impact on the camera quality. Camera specs are a separate matter.

Can the height of the iPhone 14 affect battery life?

No, the height of the phone doesn’t directly correlate with battery life. Battery life is related to the battery’s capacity and the phone’s software optimization.


  1. Find a reliable source for iPhone 14 specifications.
  2. Locate the height measurement in the dimensions section.


In conclusion, the height of the iPhone 14 is an important factor for many potential buyers. While we wait for the official release and specifications, it’s crucial to remember that the best device for you depends on your personal preferences and usage habits. Whether you prioritize screen size for media consumption or portability for on-the-go use, understanding the dimensions of the iPhone 14 can inform your decision. Keep an eye out for the official announcement from Apple, and in the meantime, consider the tips and information provided here to make an informed choice. Happy tech hunting!