How Do I Use Facetime on My iPhone 5

One of the big selling points of the newer models of the iPhone is their ability to make video calls using an application called Facetime. This is a utility that allows iOS device owners to make video calls with the push of a button. But if you have been trying to figure out how to make a Facetime call and have been unsuccessful, you are not alone. Fortunately it is an option that is activated on your phone by default, and is one that you can access easily for any of the contacts (those who are capable of receiving Facetime calls, that is) stored on your phone.

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How to Make a Facetime Call on iPhone 5

One important thing to be aware of before you make a Facetime call is that it can use a lot of data if you are not connected to a WiFi network. So either make sure that you are connected to a WiFi network, or understand that you are going to eat through a significant amount of your phone plan’s data allowance by making this call.


Step 1: Touch the Phone icon.

launch phone app on iphone 5


Step 2: Tap the Contacts option at the bottom of the screen.

open contacts menu iphone 5


Step 3: Scroll to the contact with whom you would like to make a Facetime call, then touch the name to open their contact profile.

Step 4: Tap the Facetime button.

how to make a facetime call on the iphone 5


Step 5: Touch the phone number or email address through which you wish to initiate the call.


Your phone is going to use the front-facing camera to record your image, so you will probably need to adjust the way that you are holding the phone so that the person you are calling can see you. Note that your image is displayed on the screen so that you can see what they are seeing.


Several generations of iOS devices have been capable of making Facetime calls, including the iPad 2. This is still a very good device, and it can often be found for an affordable price. Click here to compare current prices for an iPad 2 to see if it is available at a cost with which you are comfortable. newsletter

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