iPad 9: How to Make FaceTime Calls – A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re looking to make a FaceTime call using your iPad 9, it’s a straightforward process. First, make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi, then open the FaceTime app, and finally, select the contact you want to call. And voilà, you’re ready to chat face-to-face!

How to Make FaceTime on iPad 9

In this section, we’ll walk you through the simple steps needed to make a FaceTime call on your iPad 9. By the end, you’ll be a FaceTime pro, ready to connect with friends and family effortlessly.

Step 1: Connect to Wi-Fi

First, ensure your iPad 9 is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Your FaceTime calls rely on a good internet connection. Swipe down from the top-right corner of your screen to open the Control Center, and check if you’re connected to Wi-Fi. If not, tap the Wi-Fi icon and choose a network.

Step 2: Open the FaceTime App

Next, locate and open the FaceTime app on your iPad.

The FaceTime app icon is green with a white video camera. If you can’t find it on your home screen, swipe down and use the search bar to type “FaceTime.”

Step 3: Sign In with Your Apple ID

If it’s your first time using FaceTime, sign in with your Apple ID.

When you open the FaceTime app for the first time, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Apple ID. Enter your credentials to proceed.

Step 4: Tap the “+” Button

Now, tap the “+” button in the top-right corner of the FaceTime app.

This button allows you to start a new FaceTime call. It’s like hitting the green “Go” button on a traffic light—you’re on your way to connecting with someone!

Step 5: Enter Contact Information

Enter the email address or phone number of the person you want to call, then tap “Video” or “Audio.”

If the contact is already saved on your iPad, you can start typing their name, and it should auto-complete. Choose whether you want to make a video call or just an audio call by tapping the respective button.

Step 6: Wait for the Call to Connect

Finally, wait a few seconds for the call to connect and for the other person to answer.

You’ll see a ringing screen while you wait. Once the other person picks up, you’ll be face-to-face (or ear-to-ear) with them.

After you complete these steps, you’ll be actively engaged in a FaceTime call, chatting and connecting with your chosen contact.

Tips for Making FaceTime Calls on iPad 9

  • Stable Wi-Fi Connection: Always ensure your Wi-Fi signal is strong to avoid interruptions.
  • Use Headphones: For better audio quality, consider using headphones with a built-in microphone.
  • Adjust Lighting: Good lighting will make you look clearer on the video call.
  • Hold Steady: Prop your iPad up to keep the camera steady and at eye level.
  • Check Notifications: Turn off notifications to avoid distractions during your call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I FaceTime with non-Apple devices?

No, FaceTime is exclusive to Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

What if FaceTime is not available in my region?

FaceTime may not be available in some countries due to local regulations. Check Apple’s support page for availability details.

How do I add multiple people to a FaceTime call?

Tap the “+” button during an ongoing call to add more participants.

Can I use FaceTime over cellular data?

Yes, but it’s advisable to use Wi-Fi to save on data charges and ensure a stable connection.

What should I do if FaceTime is not working?

Restart your iPad, check your internet connection, and ensure the FaceTime app is up to date. If issues persist, contact Apple Support.


  1. Connect to Wi-Fi
  2. Open the FaceTime app
  3. Sign in with Apple ID
  4. Tap the “+” button
  5. Enter contact info
  6. Wait for the call to connect


Making a FaceTime call on your iPad 9 is as simple as brewing a cup of tea. With just a few taps, you’re ready to connect with friends and family, no matter where they are. By following the steps outlined, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. FaceTime isn’t just a tool; it’s a bridge that brings people closer, breaking the barriers of distance. So, go ahead, make that call, share a laugh, or catch up on the latest gossip. For more tips and tricks on using your iPad, stay tuned to our blog. Happy FaceTiming!

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