How to Type Vertically in Photoshop CS5

Photoshop is a very versatile program that gets used for a lot more than simple photo editing. You can create entire projects with ease thanks to its’ layers, and the type tool allows you to customize the appearance of words and letters. But if you are using the default type tool to enter letters vertically by putting each letter on its’ own line, then you may find that it is creating problems for you. Luckily there is a vertical type text tool that will allow you to more easily create your vertical text.


Add Vertical Words in Photoshop CS5

Note that vertical typing, according to how this tool works, is going to result in a word that is oriented like the image below. If you want your text to be horizontal, but rotated vertically, you can learn how to rotate a layer in Photoshop CS5.

how to type vertically in photoshop cs5


So if you are trying to create a text layer that looks like this, then you can follow the steps outlined below.


Step 1: Open your image in Photoshop CS5.


Step 2: Right-click the Horizontal Type Tool button in the toolbox, then click the Vertical Type Tool option.

select the vertical type tool



Step 3: Click on your canvas, then start typing.

start typing on your canvas



If you have trouble using a mouse to draw accurately on your screen, then you should look into a drawing tablet, like this Wacom model. You connect the tablet to your computer, then you can draw on it and have the drawing mirrored in Photoshop.

Background layers in Photoshop are often locked, which prevents you from making a lot of transformational changes. Click here to learn how to unlock a layer. newsletter

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