iOS 17: How to Share a Contact on iPhone Quickly and Easily

Sharing a contact on your iPhone is simple: open the Contacts app, select the contact you want to share, tap on “Share Contact,” and choose how you want to share it. Within moments, your recipient can have the contact details on their device.

Once you share a contact, the recipient will get all the information you have saved for that person, including phone numbers, email addresses, and even physical addresses if you’ve added them.

You can also check out this video about how to share a contact on iPhone for more on this topic.


Think about the last time you needed to share a contact with someone. Maybe you were connecting two colleagues via email, or perhaps a friend asked for the number of your reliable plumber. In the past, you might have written down the details on a scrap of paper or sent a text with the necessary info. But with iOS 17, Apple has made it easier than ever to share contact details directly from your iPhone.

This feature is not only a time-saver but also ensures that the information is transferred accurately, without any typos or omissions. It’s an essential tool for anyone who frequently shares contacts, whether for personal or professional reasons. Plus, it’s incredibly simple to use – which is perfect for both tech-savvy individuals and those who prefer straightforward, no-fuss functionality. Let’s dive into how to make the most of this handy feature.

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Step by Step Tutorial: Sharing a Contact on iPhone

The following steps will guide you through the process of sharing a contact using your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Contacts App

Open the Contacts app on your iPhone.

The Contacts app is where all your saved numbers and emails are stored. It’s likely an app you use often, and it’s where the sharing process begins.

Step 2: Select the Contact

Scroll through your contacts and tap on the one you wish to share.

When you find the right contact, their details will open on a new screen. You’ll see all the information you’ve saved for them.

Step 3: Tap on “Share Contact”

On the contact’s information page, you will see the option to “Share Contact,” tap on it.

This option is usually at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t see it, you may need to scroll down.

Step 4: Choose How to Share

Decide whether you want to share the contact via Message, Mail, or AirDrop, and select the appropriate option.

You might choose Message for a quick text or Mail for a more formal email. AirDrop is great if you’re sharing with someone nearby.


ConvenienceSharing a contact via your iPhone is incredibly convenient. You don’t need to juggle multiple devices or write down anything.
AccuracyBy sharing digitally, you eliminate the risk of miscommunicating contact details.
SpeedThe whole process takes just a few taps and can be done in seconds.

Convenience is the most obvious benefit. Whether you’re in a rush or simply don’t want the hassle of manual sharing, this feature makes it easy.

Accuracy is another critical advantage. There’s no room for human error like mistyping a number or forgetting an email domain.

Lastly, speed is of the essence. Sharing a contact this way is undoubtedly faster than writing it down or even typing it out in a text.


Privacy ConcernsWhen sharing contacts, you might inadvertently share sensitive information.
Tech SavvinessSome users might find the process intimidating or confusing, especially if they’re not familiar with their device.
Dependence on TechnologyReliance on digital sharing could be problematic if there are tech issues.

Privacy concerns can arise if you share a contact that has personal details you didn’t intend to share. Always double-check what information you’re sending.

For people who are less comfortable with technology, even a simple process like this could pose a challenge.

Lastly, reliance on technology is a double-edged sword. If your phone is dead or malfunctioning, you might not be able to share the contact when needed.

Video About Sharing Contacts

Additional Information

When sharing a contact on your iPhone, you have the advantage of several sharing options. If the recipient is nearby, AirDrop is a quick and seamless method. If they’re not, no problem – you can send it via message or email. But here’s a tip: if you’re sharing a contact with someone you don’t know well, consider editing the contact first. You can remove any personal notes or additional information that’s not necessary for the recipient to have.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you receive a contact, you can save it directly to your Contacts app. Just tap ‘Create New Contact’ or ‘Add to Existing Contact,’ and voila – the information is now stored on your device. Remember that sharing a contact can sometimes mean you’re also sharing your relationship with that person. It’s always good practice to ask for permission before sharing someone else’s details.


  1. Open the Contacts app
  2. Select the contact to share
  3. Tap on “Share Contact”
  4. Choose the sharing method

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share a contact with someone who doesn’t have an iPhone?

Yes, you can share a contact with anyone, regardless of their device. Just choose a sharing method that works for them, like messaging or email.

What if I accidentally share the wrong contact?

If you send the wrong contact, you can simply send the correct one immediately after. If it’s a sensitive mistake, follow up with the recipient and ask them to delete the incorrect information.

Can I edit a contact before sharing it?

Absolutely! You can edit any contact in your Contacts app before sharing it to ensure only the necessary information is passed along.

Will the recipient be able to see my notes in the contact information?

Only if you choose to share those notes. When you tap ‘Share Contact,’ you can select which details to send and which to withhold.

Is it possible to share a group of contacts at once?

While iOS doesn’t currently support sharing multiple contacts at once, there are third-party apps available that can help with this.


With iOS 17, sharing a contact on your iPhone is a breeze. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, being able to quickly and accurately share contact information is a game-changer.

Remember to be mindful of privacy and always check that you’re sharing the correct details. Now that you know the ins and outs of this feature, go ahead and streamline your communication like a pro.

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