How to Split a Table in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

Splitting a table in Word is a simple task that can be accomplished in a few clicks. To do this, place the cursor in the row where you want to split the table, go to the Layout tab under Table Tools, and click on the Split Table button. Your table will then be divided into two separate tables at the point where you placed your cursor.

After splitting the table, you will have two independent tables that can be formatted and manipulated separately. This is useful when you want to create a page break between sections or to change the layout of a document without affecting the entire table.


When working with tables in Microsoft Word, there may be instances where you need to split a table into two or more parts. This could be for various reasons, such as to create a new section or chapter in a document, or to separate data for better readability. Knowing how to split a table is a handy skill for anyone who uses Word for reports, academic papers, or administrative work.

Splitting a table is not the same as simply adding a new row or column. When you split a table, you are creating two distinct entities that can be manipulated separately. This allows for more precision and control over the layout and formatting of your document. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who likes to keep their documents neat and organized, learning how to split a table in Word is a useful trick to add to your arsenal.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Split a Table in Word

The steps below will guide you through the process of splitting a table in Microsoft Word.

Step 1: Place the Cursor in the Row

Place the cursor in the row where you want to split the table.

The row where you place your cursor will become the first row of the new table after the split. Make sure it’s exactly where you want the split to occur.

Step 2: Go to the Layout Tab

Navigate to the Layout tab under Table Tools.

The Layout tab will have all the options you need for manipulating your table, including the Split Table function.

Step 3: Click on Split Table

Click on the Split Table button in the Merge group.

As soon as you click this button, your table will be divided into two separate tables.


Increased FlexibilitySplitting a table allows you to format each section independently, giving you greater control over the appearance of your document.
Improved OrganizationLarge tables can be overwhelming. Splitting them makes the data easier to digest and can help readers focus on the most important information.
Enhanced ReadabilityWith separate tables, you can introduce page breaks where needed, preventing the awkward continuation of a table onto the next page, which enhances overall readability.


Potential for ConfusionIf not done carefully, splitting a table can lead to confusion, especially if the data is closely related. It’s important to ensure that each table can stand alone without causing misunderstandings.
Increased Document LengthSplitting tables can sometimes make a document longer, as each table will need its own heading and potentially its own explanatory text.
Formatting ChallengesWhen you split a table, you may encounter formatting issues, such as inconsistent alignment or spacing between the two tables.

Additional Information

When you split a table in Word, it can be helpful to consider the overall layout of your document. This is because once a table is split, each section can be moved independently of the other, which can affect the flow of your document. It’s also worth noting that any formatting applied to the original table will be retained in both new tables after the split.

This means that if you want to change the look of one table without affecting the other, you’ll need to do so manually. Additionally, keep in mind that splitting a table is not reversible with a single click. If you change your mind, you’ll need to merge the tables back together, which can be a bit more complicated than splitting them.


  1. Place the cursor in the desired row.
  2. Navigate to the Layout tab.
  3. Click on the Split Table button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I split a table into more than two parts?

Yes, you can split a table into as many parts as you need by repeating the splitting process.

Will splitting a table affect the data within it?

No, splitting a table will not alter the data. It simply divides the table into separate sections.

Can I undo a table split?

You can undo a table split immediately after performing it by using the Undo command. However, if you’ve made further changes since splitting the table, you’ll need to merge the tables manually.

How can I format the new tables after splitting?

Each table can be formatted independently using the standard formatting tools in Word.

Is it possible to split a table across pages?

Yes, when you split a table, you can move the second table to a new page to improve readability.


Splitting a table in Word is a relatively straightforward process that can significantly improve the organization and readability of your document. Whether you need to create separate sections, introduce page breaks, or just want more control over your table’s formatting, knowing how to split a table is an essential skill.

Remember to consider the layout of your document and be prepared to adjust formatting as necessary. With a little practice, you’ll be splitting tables like a pro, making your Word documents cleaner, more organized, and easier to navigate.

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