How to Screen Record on Windows 11 with Audio: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re looking to capture your screen on Windows 11 with audio, it’s easier than you might think. By using built-in tools and a few simple steps, you can record your screen with sound for tutorials, presentations, or just to share what you’re seeing with others. Follow these steps to get it done quickly and effectively.

How to Screen Record on Windows 11 with Audio

In this section, we’ll walk through the steps required to screen record on Windows 11 with audio. By the end of these steps, you’ll know how to capture both video and audio from your screen.

Step 1: Open Xbox Game Bar

First, press the Windows key + G to open the Xbox Game Bar.

The Xbox Game Bar is a built-in feature in Windows 11 designed primarily for gamers, but it can be used by anyone to record their screen. You’ll see a variety of widgets that can help you capture your screen and system audio.

Step 2: Enable Audio Recording

Next, make sure the audio recording is enabled by clicking on the settings icon and navigating to the Capturing section.

Ensuring the audio is enabled means that your screen recording will also capture any sounds playing on your computer, including system sounds and any mic input if you prefer that.

Step 3: Start Recording

Click on the Record button (or press Windows key + Alt + R) to start recording.

Once you begin recording, the Xbox Game Bar minimizes, but you’ll still see a small recording icon on your screen indicating the process is active.

Step 4: Stop Recording

To stop recording, either press Windows key + Alt + R again or click the stop button on the small recording icon.

After stopping, the recorded video will be saved automatically to your Videos/Captures folder. You can access it anytime you need.

Step 5: Review Your Recording

Open the Videos/Captures folder to review and play back your recording.

Reviewing your recording allows you to check the quality of both the video and audio. If you’re not satisfied, you can always redo the recording by following these steps again.

After you complete the action, your screen recording, including audio, will be saved in the designated folder. You can edit, share, or upload your recordings as needed.

Tips for Screen Recording on Windows 11 with Audio

  • Check Audio Settings: Before starting, make sure your microphone and system audio settings are correctly configured.
  • Use Shortcuts: Familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts like Windows + Alt + R to make the recording process smoother.
  • Close Unnecessary Apps: Close any applications you don’t need to ensure your system runs smoothly while recording.
  • Check Storage: Ensure you have enough storage on your device to save your screen recordings.
  • Use External Microphone: For better sound quality, consider using an external microphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my audio being recorded?

Make sure audio recording is enabled in the Xbox Game Bar settings. Also, check that your mic and system audio levels are correctly configured.

Can I record only a specific window?

By default, Xbox Game Bar records the entire screen. For more targeted recording, consider using other software like OBS Studio.

How do I edit my screen recordings?

You can use built-in tools like the Photos app or third-party software such as Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve for more advanced editing.

Can I record my screen for unlimited time?

The Xbox Game Bar doesn’t have a strict time limit, but your recording length may be limited by your available storage space.

Is it possible to record gameplay with this method?

Yes, the Xbox Game Bar is designed for recording gameplay, but it works just as well for any other screen recording needs.


  1. Open Xbox Game Bar
  2. Enable Audio Recording
  3. Start Recording
  4. Stop Recording
  5. Review Your Recording


Screen recording on Windows 11 with audio is a straightforward process, thanks to the built-in Xbox Game Bar. Whether you’re creating a tutorial, capturing gameplay, or just wanting to share what’s on your screen with others, these steps will help you get the job done efficiently. Make sure to follow the tips for the best results and always check your recordings to ensure everything is captured as intended.

If you run into any issues or have further questions, don’t hesitate to explore additional resources or reach out to Microsoft support. Happy recording!

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