How to Rotate Text in Word 2019: A Step-by-Step Guide

Rotating text in Word 2019 is a nifty trick that can add some pizzazz to your documents. It’s not as complicated as it sounds; all it takes is a few clicks, and voilà, your text will be standing on its head, lying on its side, or doing a full 360! Let’s dive in and learn how to rotate text in Word 2019, shall we?

Step by Step Tutorial to Rotate Text in Word 2019

Before we start rotating text willy-nilly, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into. When you rotate text in Word, you’re essentially changing the orientation of the text within a shape or text box. This can be useful for creating visually interesting layouts or fitting text into tight spaces.

Step 1: Insert a Text Box

Click on the ‘Insert’ tab and then select ‘Text Box’.

After you’ve clicked on the ‘Text Box’ option, a dropdown menu will appear. You can choose a simple text box or draw one yourself. Once you have your text box, go ahead and type in the text you want to rotate.

Step 2: Select the Text Box

Click on the text box to select it.

Once you’ve selected the text box, you’ll notice that a new ‘Format’ tab appears on the ribbon. This tab is where all the magic happens. You’ll use the options here to rotate your text.

Step 3: Find the Rotate Option

Go to the ‘Format’ tab and click on the ‘Rotate’ button in the ‘Arrange’ group.

The ‘Rotate’ button might look like a circular arrow or sometimes just as the word ‘Rotate’. Clicking on it will reveal a dropdown menu with various rotation options.

Step 4: Choose the Desired Rotation

Select your desired rotation option from the dropdown menu.

You can do a simple 90° or 270° rotation, or even flip the text upside down. If you want to get more specific, you can click on ‘More Rotation Options’ and enter the exact degree of rotation you’re looking for.

Step 5: Adjust the Text Box

Move or resize the text box as needed to fit your layout.

Once you’ve rotated the text, you might need to adjust the placement or size of the text box. This is just a matter of clicking and dragging the edges or corners of the box.

After you complete these steps, your text will be rotated to the angle you chose. You can now move on to other parts of your document or keep tweaking the text box until it’s just right. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t worry if it takes a few tries to get the hang of it.

Tips for Rotating Text in Word 2019

  • Always make sure the text box is selected before trying to rotate text; otherwise, you won’t see the ‘Rotate’ option.
  • If you’re struggling to get the text box to the right size, try using the ‘Format’ tab to set specific height and width dimensions.
  • Use the ‘Align’ tools in the ‘Arrange’ group on the ‘Format’ tab to perfectly align your rotated text box with other elements in your document.
  • Keep in mind that rotating text might make it harder to read, so use this feature sparingly and consider your audience.
  • Remember that you can always undo any changes by pressing Ctrl + Z if you make a mistake or change your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rotate text without a text box?

No, you can’t rotate text directly. You must first put the text in a text box or shape and then rotate the text box or shape.

Will rotating text affect the layout of my document?

It might. Rotating text can change how much space it takes up, so you might need to adjust other elements in your document accordingly.

Can I rotate text to any degree, like 45°?

Yes, by using ‘More Rotation Options’ you can enter any degree of rotation you want.

If I rotate the text, will it print that way?

Yes, your text will print exactly as it appears on the screen, so make sure it’s positioned correctly before you hit the print button.

Can I animate rotated text in Word?

No, Word doesn’t support text animation. You’ll need to use a program like PowerPoint for animated text effects.


  1. Insert a text box.
  2. Select the text box.
  3. Find the rotate option under the ‘Format’ tab.
  4. Choose the desired rotation.
  5. Adjust the text box as necessary.


Rotating text in Word 2019 can be a great way to make your documents stand out. Whether you’re looking to add some creative flair to a project or simply trying to fit text into a tight space, knowing how to rotate text is a handy skill. Just remember to select the right text box, find the ‘Rotate’ option under the ‘Format’ tab, choose your desired angle, and adjust the size and placement as needed. With these simple steps, you’ll be a text-rotating whiz in no time. Keep experimenting with different angles and positions to see what works best for your document. And if you ever get stuck, just remember that there’s always the undo button to save the day. Happy rotating!

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