How to Reset iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Resetting an iPhone 15 is something most of us may need to do at some point. Whether it’s because the phone is acting up or we’re preparing to sell it, knowing how to reset it is crucial. The good news? It’s a simple process. Once you’ve backed up your data, you can reset your phone in just a few taps.

Step by Step Tutorial to Reset iPhone 15

Resetting your iPhone 15 involves erasing all the data and settings on the device. It’s like giving your phone a fresh start. This can be helpful if you’re experiencing issues, selling your phone, or just want to clear out all your information.

Step 1: Back up your iPhone

Before doing anything, make sure you back up your iPhone. You don’t want to lose any important photos, messages, or other data.

Backing up your iPhone 15 ensures you don’t lose any precious data. You can back up to iCloud or your computer. Just go to Settings, tap on your name, then iCloud, and select iCloud Backup.

Step 2: Go to Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone 15. This is where you’ll find all the options for resetting your device.

Once you’re in Settings, you’ll see a bunch of different options. Don’t feel overwhelmed—it’s a straightforward process from here.

Step 3: Tap on General

In the Settings menu, scroll down and tap on the General option. This will take you to the general settings for your iPhone.

The General settings include various options, but we’re here for the Reset feature, so keep scrolling.

Step 4: Select ‘Reset’

Once you’re in General, scroll down to find the ‘Reset’ option and tap on it. This will bring up the reset options for your phone.

The Reset menu has several options, but if you’re looking to completely wipe your iPhone, you’ll want to choose ‘Erase All Content and Settings.’

Step 5: Choose ‘Erase All Content and Settings’

After tapping ‘Reset,’ select ‘Erase All Content and Settings.’ This is the option that will factory reset your iPhone 15.

This step is the point of no return. Once you confirm this action, all the data on your iPhone will be erased, so be absolutely sure you’ve backed up everything you need.

Step 6: Enter your passcode

If prompted, enter your passcode. This is a security measure to ensure that you, the owner of the phone, are initiating the reset.

Entering your passcode is a necessary step to safeguard your personal information. It’s Apple’s way of making sure it’s really you resetting the phone, not someone else.

Step 7: Confirm your action

After entering your passcode, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to erase everything. Tap ‘Erase Now’ to confirm.

This final confirmation is another security step. Once you tap ‘Erase Now,’ the process will begin, and your iPhone 15 will be reset to its factory settings.

After completing these steps, your iPhone 15 will restart as if it were brand new. You’ll see the welcome screen, and you can set up your phone from scratch or restore it from a backup.

Tips for Resetting iPhone 15

  • Always back up your data before resetting. You don’t want to lose anything important.
  • Make sure your iPhone is fully charged or plugged in before starting the reset process. You wouldn’t want it to run out of battery halfway through.
  • If you’re selling your iPhone, remember to remove your SIM card and any external storage devices.
  • Take note of your Apple ID and password. You’ll need them when setting up your phone again or restoring from a backup.
  • Resetting your iPhone can solve a lot of issues. If your phone is running slow or glitching, try a reset before taking it to a service center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose everything on my iPhone if I reset it?

Yes, resetting your iPhone to factory settings will erase all data, including apps, settings, and personal information.

Can I undo a reset if I change my mind?

Once you confirm the reset and the process begins, you cannot undo it. The only way to get your data back is by restoring from a backup.

How long does it take to reset an iPhone 15?

The process usually takes a few minutes, but it can vary depending on the amount of data on your phone.

Is it safe to reset my iPhone?

Yes, it’s safe. Just make sure you have all your data backed up before you start the process.

Can I reset my iPhone without a passcode?

No, you’ll need your passcode to reset your iPhone. If you’ve forgotten it, you might need to use recovery mode or contact Apple Support.


  1. Back up your iPhone
  2. Open Settings
  3. Tap on General
  4. Select ‘Reset’
  5. Choose ‘Erase All Content and Settings’
  6. Enter your passcode
  7. Confirm your action


Resetting your iPhone 15 is a handy trick to have up your sleeve. Whether you’re troubleshooting, starting fresh, or passing your phone to a new owner, it’s a process that can save you time and headaches. Just remember, the key is to back up your data first! Once you’ve taken that crucial step, the reset process is a breeze. And who knows? That reset might just breathe new life into your iPhone 15, making it feel brand spanking new all over again. So go ahead, give it a try, and enjoy that fresh iPhone feeling!

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