How to Play .AVI on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Playing .avi files on an iPhone may sound like a tricky affair, but it’s quite straightforward once you know the ropes. The native video app on iPhone doesn’t support .avi format, so you’ll need to use a third-party app or convert the file to a compatible format. Don’t worry; we’ll guide you through it step by step.

How to Play .AVI on iPhone Tutorial

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to know that .avi is a media container format. iPhones typically support .mp4 or .mov files, so you’ll be downloading an app that can play a variety of formats or converting the .avi file into one of the supported formats.

Step 1: Download a third-party video player app

There are several apps available that can play .avi files directly on your iPhone.

After downloading the app from the App Store, open it and navigate to the file location of your .avi video. These apps usually have a user-friendly interface and will play your video without any hiccups. Some popular apps include VLC for Mobile, PlayerXtreme Media Player, and KMPlayer.

Step 2: Convert .avi file to a compatible format

If you prefer not to use a third-party app, you can convert the .avi file to an iPhone-compatible format using a video converter.

There are several online converters available, or you can download a desktop app. Make sure to choose .mp4 or .mov as the output format. Once converted, transfer the file to your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud Drive, and it should play smoothly in your native Videos app.

After completing these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy your .avi video on your iPhone, whether it’s through a third-party app or after converting it to a compatible format.

Tips for Playing .AVI on iPhone

  • Ensure the third-party app you download can handle .avi files specifically.
  • When converting files, choose a high-quality setting to avoid loss of video quality.
  • Transfer files to your iPhone using a reliable method like iTunes to prevent any data loss.
  • Keep your third-party video player app updated for the best performance.
  • Check your iPhone storage before transferring large video files to avoid running out of space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is .avi?

.avi is a video file format known as Audio Video Interleave, which stores both audio and video data.

Why won’t my iPhone play .avi files natively?

Apple’s iOS supports specific video formats like .mp4 and .mov, and .avi is not one of them due to its encoding.

Can I convert .avi files on my iPhone without using a computer?

Yes, there are apps available that can convert video formats directly on your iPhone.

Is it safe to download third-party apps for playing .avi files?

Yes, as long as you download apps from the official App Store, it is generally safe.

If I convert an .avi file, will it lose quality?

If you choose a high-quality setting during conversion, there should be minimal quality loss.


  1. Download a third-party video player app.
  2. Convert .avi file to a compatible format.


There you have it! Playing .avi files on your iPhone doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right tools and knowledge, you can easily enjoy your videos in no time. Whether you opt for a third-party app or convert your files to a compatible format, the key is following the steps carefully and choosing quality options that suit your needs. Remember that while iPhones may not support .avi files natively, the vast ecosystem of apps and tools available makes it possible to bypass this limitation. So go ahead, download that app or convert your files, and get ready to play .avi on iPhone with ease.