How to Pin a Window on Top in Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Pinning a window on top in Windows 11 is a handy trick to keep an app always visible, even when switching between different windows. The process involves using a third-party app called “PowerToys,” available for free from Microsoft. This brief guide will help you set it up in no time.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Pin a Window on Top in Windows 11

This tutorial will walk you through the simple steps to install PowerToys and use its Always on Top feature to keep your desired window pinned on top.

Step 1: Download and Install PowerToys

Go to the official Microsoft PowerToys GitHub page and download the latest release.

PowerToys is a suite of utilities for power users. To get started, visit the GitHub page, download the installer, and run it. Follow the setup instructions to complete the installation.

Step 2: Open PowerToys Settings

After installation, open the PowerToys app from your Start menu or taskbar.

Once installed, you can find PowerToys in your Start menu or system tray. Launch the app to access its various utilities.

Step 3: Enable Always on Top

In the PowerToys settings, navigate to the “Always on Top” option and toggle it on.

PowerToys comes with many features, but for our purpose, locate the “Always on Top” option in the sidebar. Flip the switch to enable it.

Step 4: Pin Your Desired Window

Press the shortcut keys (usually Windows key + Ctrl + T) while the window you want is active.

Make sure the window you want to pin is selected. Then, use the shortcut keys to pin it. You’ll see a border around the window indicating it’s pinned.

Step 5: Verify the Window is Pinned

Switch to another window to ensure the pinned window stays on top.

To confirm it’s working, switch to another application. The pinned window should remain visible on top of the new window.

After you complete these steps, the chosen window will stay on top of all other windows, letting you multitask more efficiently. This feature is useful for monitoring apps, video calls, or any other window you need to keep an eye on constantly.

Tips: How to Pin a Window on Top in Windows 11

  • Customize Shortcuts: You can change the default shortcut keys in PowerToys settings if the default ones don’t suit you.
  • Visual Cues: Look for the colored border around the pinned window to know it’s active.
  • Temporary Use: Use the shortcut again to unpin the window when you no longer need it on top.
  • Multiple Windows: You can pin more than one window using the same method.
  • Updates: Keep PowerToys updated to ensure compatibility with the latest Windows updates.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Pin a Window on Top in Windows 11

What is PowerToys?

PowerToys is a set of utilities for Windows power users to streamline tasks and boost productivity.

Is PowerToys safe to use?

Yes, PowerToys is developed by Microsoft and is generally safe to use.

Can I pin multiple windows simultaneously?

Yes, you can pin multiple windows using the same shortcut.

How do I know if a window is pinned?

A colored border around the window will indicate that it is pinned.

Can I change the shortcuts for pinning?

Yes, you can customize the shortcut keys in the PowerToys settings.


  1. Step 1: Download and install PowerToys.
  2. Step 2: Open PowerToys settings.
  3. Step 3: Enable Always on Top.
  4. Step 4: Pin your desired window.
  5. Step 5: Verify the window is pinned.


Pinning a window on top in Windows 11 using PowerToys is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your productivity. Whether you’re juggling multiple tasks or need to keep an important window always visible, this nifty feature will come in handy.

PowerToys offers a range of other utilities worth exploring, so once you’ve mastered the Always on Top feature, you might find other tools that can make your Windows experience even better.

If you found this guide on how to pin a window on top in Windows 11 helpful, consider sharing it with friends or colleagues who might benefit from it. Happy multitasking!

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