How to Pause Location on Find My iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Pausing your location on Find My iPhone in iOS 15 is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. This function is handy when you want to stop sharing your location temporarily without having to change your privacy settings permanently. Here’s a quick overview: open the Find My app, select ‘Me’ from the bottom menu, turn off ‘Share My Location’, and voilà, your location is now paused.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Pause Location on Find My iPhone 15

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that pausing your location on Find My iPhone will make your device temporarily disappear from the map for any friends or family members you are sharing your location with. It’s a great way to maintain privacy without removing anyone from your location-sharing list permanently.

Step 1: Open the Find My app

Open the Find My app on your iPhone. It’s the one with the green radar icon.

Once you’re in the app, you’ll see a map and a list of people and devices you’re sharing your location with.

Step 2: Select ‘Me’ from the bottom menu

Tap on the ‘Me’ tab, located in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

The ‘Me’ tab is where you can see your current location and control your location-sharing settings.

Step 3: Turn off ‘Share My Location’

Toggle off the ‘Share My Location’ switch.

When you turn off ‘Share My Location’, your device will immediately stop broadcasting its location to anyone you are sharing it with.

After completing these steps, your location will be paused until you decide to turn ‘Share My Location’ back on again. Your friends and family will not be able to see your location during this time, but rest assured, you can easily resume sharing whenever you’re ready.

Tips: Navigating Find My iPhone 15

  • Make sure you’re running iOS 15 or later to access the latest features of Find My iPhone.
  • Use the ‘Notify When Found’ option to get alerted if a lost device comes back online.
  • Customize location-sharing by choosing which contacts can see your location and when.
  • Use the ‘Directions’ feature within the app to navigate to the location of a shared device.
  • Remember to turn on ‘Share My Location’ when you’re ready to start sharing again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my location is paused?

Your location is paused if the ‘Share My Location’ switch is toggled off in the ‘Me’ tab of the Find My app.

Can I still track my iPhone if I pause the location?

Yes, you can still track your iPhone using ‘Find My iPhone’ even if you’ve paused sharing your location with others.

Will pausing my location affect other services like Maps or Weather?

No, pausing your location on Find My iPhone does not affect your ability to use location-based services like Maps or Weather.

How do I restart sharing my location?

To restart sharing your location, simply toggle on the ‘Share My Location’ switch in the ‘Me’ tab of the Find My app.

Can I pause sharing my location with only certain people?

No, pausing your location on Find My iPhone temporarily stops sharing your location with all contacts.


  1. Open the Find My app
  2. Select ‘Me’ from the bottom menu
  3. Turn off ‘Share My Location’


Pausing your location on Find My iPhone 15 is a seamless process that provides you with immediate privacy without permanently altering your settings. Whether you’re stepping into a surprise party or just need a moment of digital disconnect, this feature ensures your whereabouts remain your own. With iOS 15, Apple continues to enhance user privacy, giving us the power to control who can track our movements and when. So go ahead, take control of your location sharing, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it. And when you’re ready to be back on the grid, simply flip the switch, and you’ll reappear on your loved ones’ maps, just like magic.

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