How to Fix an iPhone 12 Pro Max That Won’t Turn On

Is your iPhone 12 Pro Max not turning on? Don’t panic just yet! This quick guide will give you a brief overview of what you can do to fix it. First, you need to ensure it’s charged. If that doesn’t work, a force restart is in order. If all else fails, you may need to contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store.

After completing the action, your iPhone 12 Pro Max should ideally turn on and function normally. If it still doesn’t work, you might need professional help to fix the issue.


Picture this: you reach for your iPhone 12 Pro Max to check the latest notifications or make an important call, but it refuses to turn on. A sinking feeling sets in as you wonder what could be wrong. This scenario is more common than you think but fret not, because there are solutions.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is an expensive and sophisticated device, and it’s crucial to know how to troubleshoot it when things go south. This issue could stem from a depleted battery, software glitches, or hardware problems. It’s an issue that can affect anyone, from busy professionals to social media enthusiasts, and it’s essential to know a fix that doesn’t involve a trip to the Apple Store. The steps outlined in this article are simple enough for anyone to follow and could save you time and money.

Step by Step Tutorial

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that following these instructions will help you to troubleshoot your iPhone 12 Pro Max that won’t turn on. It’s a relatively simple process that can save you a trip to the Apple Store.

Step 1: Charge Your iPhone

First things first, plug your iPhone into a power source and let it charge for a while.
Often, the most straightforward solutions are the most effective. It’s possible your iPhone’s battery is completely drained. Connect it to a charger and wait for about an hour. If the charging screen appears, your iPhone is just out of juice, and you should be good to go once it’s charged up a bit.

Step 2: Force Restart Your iPhone

If charging doesn’t work, try force restarting your iPhone 12 Pro Max.
A force restart is different from a regular restart and can sometimes kickstart a non-responsive iPhone. For the iPhone 12 Pro Max, quickly press and release the volume up button, then the volume down button, and then hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

Step 3: Restore Your iPhone

If the force restart doesn’t work, you may need to restore your iPhone using a computer.
This step is a bit more involved and will erase all content and settings from your iPhone. Make sure to backup your data before proceeding. Connect your iPhone to a computer, open iTunes (or Finder if you’re on macOS Catalina or later), put your iPhone in recovery mode, and then restore it.


Quick FixThese steps offer a swift solution that can save you from the hassle of visiting an Apple Store or seeking professional help.
Cost-EffectiveAttempting to fix the issue yourself before seeking professional help can save you money on repairs.
Learning ExperienceTroubleshooting your iPhone yourself is a great learning experience and can help you become more tech-savvy.


Risk of Data LossRestoring your iPhone as a last resort could lead to the loss of unsaved data if you haven’t backed up your device regularly.
Time-ConsumingIf the issue is persistent, these steps might take up a significant amount of your time.
No GuaranteeThere is no guarantee that these steps will fix the issue, especially if it’s a hardware problem.

Additional Information

While the steps above are usually effective in fixing an iPhone 12 Pro Max that won’t turn on, it’s essential to maintain your device to prevent future issues. Always make sure to keep your iPhone updated with the latest iOS version, which can resolve a lot of software-related issues.

Avoid exposing your iPhone to extreme temperatures and moisture. If your iPhone frequently has trouble turning on, it might indicate a more serious problem, and it’s best to consult with Apple Support. Remember, regular backups are crucial to avoid losing your valuable data.


  1. Charge your iPhone
  2. Force restart your iPhone
  3. Restore your iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my iPhone still won’t turn on after charging?

Try a force restart. If that doesn’t work, restoring your iPhone with a computer might be the next step.

Can a force restart erase my data?

No, a force restart does not erase the content on your iPhone. It’s a safe method to try before resorting to a restore.

How do I put my iPhone in recovery mode?

To put your iPhone 12 Pro Max in recovery mode, connect it to a computer, press the volume up button, then the volume down button, and then hold the side button even after the Apple logo appears. Release the side button once the recovery mode screen shows up.

How can I prevent my iPhone from not turning on in the future?

Regularly update your iOS, avoid exposing your iPhone to extreme conditions, and make sure it’s not damaged.

Will restoring my iPhone delete everything?

Yes, restoring your iPhone will erase all data and settings. It’s crucial to back up your iPhone regularly to prevent data loss.


When your iPhone 12 Pro Max won’t turn on, it can be a source of stress and frustration. However, by following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can often solve the problem yourself.

Whether it’s just a drained battery or a software glitch, there’s usually a solution. Remember, if these steps don’t work, it’s important to reach out to Apple Support or visit an Apple Store to prevent further damage to your device. Keep calm, and troubleshoot on!

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