How to Find Someone’s Email on Facebook: Tips and Techniques

Finding someone’s email on Facebook can be quite a task, but it’s doable. The key is to use Facebook’s search features, profiles, and posts. You’ll need a little patience and some detective work. Here’s a quick overview: Check their profile info first, look through their posts, and if that doesn’t work, try messaging them directly. If you’re lucky, you might just find the email you’re looking for!

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Find Someone’s Email on Facebook

In this section, we’ll walk through a few easy steps to help you find someone’s email on Facebook. These steps will guide you on where to look and what to do if you can’t find the email right away.

Step 1: Check Their Profile Info

Start by visiting the person’s profile page.

On their profile, click on the “About” section. Sometimes, people list their contact information, including their email address, in this section.

Step 2: Look Through Their Posts and Comments

Scroll through their posts and comments.

People sometimes share their email addresses in posts or comments, especially in older posts. It might take a bit of scrolling, but it’s worth checking.

Step 3: Use the Facebook Search Bar

Search for their email address using the search bar.

Type in keywords like “email” or “contact” followed by their name. This can sometimes bring up posts where they’ve shared their email.

Step 4: Check Group and Page Posts

Look at posts in groups and pages they are active in.

If they’re active in certain groups or pages, they might have shared their email there. Check the posts and comments in these groups or pages.

Step 5: Send Them a Direct Message

If all else fails, send them a direct message.

Politely ask for their email address. Explain why you need it, and they might be willing to share it with you directly.

After completing these steps, you might find the email you’re looking for. If not, at least you’ve exhausted all possible options on Facebook!

Tips for Finding Someone’s Email on Facebook

  • Make sure your own profile looks genuine and complete before messaging someone. This builds trust.
  • Use common keywords like “email,” “contact,” and “reach out” in your searches.
  • Check posts from events or groups where they are active.
  • Be polite and respectful if you decide to message them.
  • Don’t forget to look at any linked websites or blogs they might have on their profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I always find someone’s email on Facebook?

No, it depends on their privacy settings and whether they’ve shared it publicly.

Is it legal to find someone’s email on Facebook?

Yes, as long as you’re using publicly available information and not engaging in any malicious activity.

What if their email isn’t listed?

You can try messaging them directly or looking for other contact methods like LinkedIn.

Can I use third-party services to find someone’s email?

While possible, it’s risky and can violate privacy policies. It’s best to stick with Facebook’s features.

What should I do if someone asks me for my email on Facebook?

Only share your email with people you trust and be cautious to avoid scams.


  1. Check their profile info.
  2. Look through their posts and comments.
  3. Use the Facebook search bar.
  4. Check group and page posts.
  5. Send them a direct message.


Finding someone’s email on Facebook can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but it’s not impossible. By following the steps above, you increase your chances of success. Remember, while it’s tempting to use third-party apps or services, sticking to Facebook’s built-in features is safer and respects privacy boundaries.

Now that you know how to find someone’s email on Facebook, you’re better equipped to reach out to friends, colleagues, or potential business contacts. If you need more tips or run into any issues, there are plenty of online resources and forums where you can get help. Happy searching!

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