How to Delete Photos from iPhone 15 without Removing them from iCloud

Looking to free up some space on your iPhone 15 without losing your precious memories saved in iCloud? It’s a common scenario: your phone is running out of storage, but you don’t want to permanently delete those photos of your last vacation or your pet’s cutest moments. Well, you’re in luck because there’s a way to remove photos from your iPhone while keeping them safe in iCloud. Let’s dive into how you can do just that.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Delete Photos from iPhone 15 but Not iCloud

Before we get started, it’s essential to understand that this process will remove the photos from your iPhone’s local storage, but they will remain accessible in iCloud. This way, you can always download them again if needed.

Step 1: Disable iCloud Photo Library

Disabling iCloud Photo Library will prevent the automatic synchronization of photos between your iPhone and iCloud.

When you disable iCloud Photo Library, your photos will no longer update across your devices. Any changes you make on your iPhone will not affect the photos stored in iCloud.

Step 2: Delete Unwanted Photos from Your iPhone

After disabling iCloud Photo Library, you can now safely delete photos from your iPhone.

Remember, once you delete these photos, they won’t be on your iPhone anymore. However, they will still be in iCloud, so you can download them again if you change your mind later.

After completing these actions, your iPhone will have more storage space, and your photos will still be safe in iCloud. You can download them anytime you want from any device logged in with your Apple ID.

Tips: How to Manage Photos on iPhone 15 and iCloud

  • Always make sure to back up your photos before deleting them.
  • Regularly review and organize your iPhone and iCloud photo library to avoid unnecessary clutter.
  • Consider using the “Optimize iPhone Storage” option, which replaces full-resolution photos with smaller, device-sized versions on your iPhone.
  • If you’re not sure about deleting a photo, you can always move it to the “Recently Deleted” folder, where it stays for 30 days before permanent deletion.
  • Use iCloud’s “Shared Albums” feature to share photos with others without using up your device’s storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I turn iCloud Photo Library back on after deleting photos from my iPhone?

If you turn iCloud Photo Library back on, your iPhone will start syncing with iCloud again, which could result in the deleted photos being downloaded back to your device.

Can I delete photos from iCloud but keep them on my iPhone?

Yes, you can delete photos directly from or the iCloud for Windows app, and they will remain on your iPhone if iCloud Photo Library is turned off.

Will deleting photos from my iPhone also remove them from my other Apple devices?

If iCloud Photo Library is disabled, deleting photos from your iPhone will not affect the photos on your other Apple devices.

How can I ensure that the photos I delete from my iPhone won’t be lost forever?

Make sure to have a backup of your photos in iCloud or another cloud service or external storage before deleting them from your iPhone.

Is there a way to quickly delete multiple photos from my iPhone?

Yes, you can use the “Select” option in the Photos app to select and delete multiple photos at once.


  1. Disable iCloud Photo Library.
  2. Delete unwanted photos from your iPhone.


In conclusion, managing your iPhone 15’s storage by deleting photos without affecting your iCloud backup is a straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can confidently clear space on your device, knowing that your memories are safely stored in the cloud. Always remember to double-check that iCloud Photo Library is disabled before you start deleting photos, and consider the tips provided to keep your photo management hassle-free. With these tools in hand, you’ll be able to enjoy a clutter-free iPhone while having the peace of mind that your photos are just a tap away in iCloud. Keep snapping those pictures without worry!

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