How to Copy a Layer Style to Another Layer in Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop CS5 has a separate set of menus, actions and adjustments that you can apply to the individual layers in your images. Using combinations of these editing tools, it is possible to achieve some truly remarkable effects on a layer. But each of these effects might be so highly stylized that attempting to replicate each effect could prove to be a herculean task. However, your image would be greatly improved if you were able to apply one layer’s set of styles to another. Fortunately Adobe realized that users might want to know how to copy a layer style to another layer in Photoshop CS5, so they provided a method for this to be accomplished.


Copying and Pasting Layer Styles in Photoshop CS5


I have found this application to be most useful when I am dealing with multiple layers of text. For a lot of designs that I create in Photoshop, I like to split up my text into different layers based upon the location in the image. Since a lot of what I use Photoshop for requires me to make slight position adjustments to my layers, it is much simpler for me to drag text layers around the canvas instead of adjusting the actual text contained within the layer. Since I often like to have uniformity among similar text, I find the ability to replicate layer styles to be very helpful.

Begin the process of copying your layer styles by opening the image containing the layers with which you want to work.

Press F7 on your keyboard if the Layers panel is not visible at the right side of the window.

Right-click the layer in the Layers panel that contains the styles you want to copy, then click the Copy Layer Style option at the bottom of the menu.

how to copy a layer style to another layer in photoshop cs5


Right-click the layer to which you want to paste the copied styles, then click the Paste Layer Style option.

paste the copied layer style


The layer to which you just pasted the styles should have the exact same effects applied to it that the original layer did. Note however, that these styles are not tied to one another. If you make a change to one of the layers after copying and pasting the styles, that change will not be applied to the other layer as well. You will either need to replicate the new changes to each layer, or you will need to copy the layer styles from the updated layer to each additional layer.

If you noticed on the shortcut menu that was displayed when you right-clicked the first layer, you also have the option to Clear Layer Styles, if you so choose. This can be helpful if you have done too much to a layer and can no longer easily undo every change that you have made. newsletter

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