How to Change the Login Password on a MacBook Air

An important step to keeping your computer secure is a strong user password. Typically you won’t ever share this password with someone other than a friend or family member, thereby limiting access to the computer and all of your information.

But if your password is old, weak, or has been shared with someone for whom you would no longer like to allow access, then it could be time to update that password. Our tutorial below will show you where to go on your MacBook so that you can update the user password.

Change Your MacBook Air’s User Password

The steps in this article were performed on a MacBook Air using the macOS High Sierra operating system. Note that you will need to know the old password to make this change.

Once these steps are completed you can use the new password the next time that you want to log into your MacBook Air.

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Step 1: Select the System Preferences button in your dock.

macbook air change login password

Step 2: Click the Security & Privacy button.

macbook air security and privacy settings

Step 3: Choose the General tab at the top of the menu.

general security settings mac

Step 4: Click the Change Password button.

change password macbook

Step 5: Enter your old password, then you new password, repeat the new password, create a hint, then click the OK button.

how to change user password macbook air

Now that you know how to change the login password on your MacBook Air, you can switch to a more secure password, or to one that might not be known by other people that have used your computer in the past.

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