How to Change the Screen Resolution on the 2012 MacBook Air

While there are a lot of reasons to like the 2012 MacBook Air, it is only a 13-inch laptop.

This means that the screen is smaller than those you would find on a larger, heavier laptop, which results in smaller text sizes and icons.

This is still a perfectly acceptable appearance, and many users will never have a problem with it. But if you prefer larger words and letters when you are reading, or if you find yourself straining to see something, then you might need to consider changing your MacBook Air’s screen resolution.

2012 MacBook Air Screen Resolution

The default screen resolution on your MacBook Air is 1440 x 900 pixels. This takes full advantage of the display panel on the laptop, but does result in some small icons.

You also have the option of choosing between 5 other resolution options, some of which are actually at a different ratio than the default setting. But you can easily switch between all of them to see which option you prefer.

Step 1: Click the System Preferences icon in the dock at the bottom of the screen.

Open the System Preferences menu
Open the System Preferences menu

Step 2: Click the Displays icon in the Hardware section of the window.

Click the Displays icon
Click the Displays icon

Step 3: Click the Scaled option at the center of the window, then choose your preferred resolution.

Select your preferred display option
Select your preferred display option

Now that you know how to change the screen resolution on your MacBook Air, you can customize the appearance of the display until it looks the way that you want it to.

As you click a new resolution, your screen will automatically adjust to the change. This makes it very easy to try out all of the different options until you find the one that you prefer. Additionally, note that selecting the “Best for built-in display” option will default your MacBook Air back to the 1440 x 900 option.

If you have just gotten your MacBook Air, or if you are finding that there are certain situations where it is not ideal, then you might need to purchase some accessories. Read our article about helpful MacBook Air accessories to find some affordable options that can be lifesavers in certain situations.

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