How to Change Name on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide for Easy Renaming

Changing the name on your iPad is a simple process that lets you personalize your device. You can easily do this through the settings app, and it only takes a few minutes. This guide will walk you through each step to make it as easy as pie.

How to Change Name on iPad

Changing the name of your iPad helps you identify it more easily, especially if you have multiple Apple devices. Follow these simple steps to change your iPad’s name.

Step 1: Open Settings

The first step is to open the Settings app on your iPad.

The Settings app icon looks like a grey gear. You can usually find it on your home screen. Tap on it to get started.

Step 2: Tap on General

Next, tap on the General option in the Settings menu.

This will open a new menu with general settings for your iPad. It’s usually located towards the top of the list, so you shouldn’t have to scroll far.

Step 3: Select About

In the General settings, tap on About.

The About section provides information about your iPad, such as the software version, model number, and more. This is where you can change your device’s name.

Step 4: Tap on the Name Field

Now, tap on the first option, which is the Name field.

This field shows the current name of your iPad. Tapping on it will let you edit the name.

Step 5: Enter New Name

Finally, delete the current name and type in the new name you want for your iPad, then tap Done.

Once you’ve entered the new name, tap the Done button on the keyboard. Your iPad’s name will now be changed.

After you complete the action, your iPad will display the new name in various places, such as when you connect it to a computer or other devices via Bluetooth.

Tips for Changing Name on iPad

  • Be Unique: Choose a unique name that you’ll easily recognize, especially if you have multiple Apple devices.
  • Keep It Short: Shorter names are easier to type and read.
  • Check Spelling: Double-check the spelling to avoid any mistakes.
  • Use Characters Wisely: Avoid using special characters that might not be recognized by other devices.
  • Reset if Necessary: If you encounter any issues, you can always go back and change the name again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I change my iPad’s name?

Changing your iPad’s name makes it easier to identify, especially if you own multiple Apple devices, or if you frequently use Bluetooth connections.

Can I change the name as many times as I want?

Yes, you can change the name of your iPad as many times as you like. There are no restrictions on how often you can do this.

Will changing the name affect my device’s performance?

No, changing the name of your iPad will not affect its performance or functionality.

Do other devices need to be updated with the new name?

No, other devices will automatically recognize the new name the next time they connect to your iPad.

Is the process the same for all iPad models?

Yes, the process to change the name is the same across all iPad models running a recent version of iOS.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Select About.
  4. Tap on the Name field.
  5. Enter new name and tap Done.


Changing the name on your iPad is a quick and easy way to personalize your device. Whether you’re distinguishing between multiple devices or just want to add a personal touch, this guide has shown you how to do it in just a few steps. Remember, you can always go back and change the name again if you need to, and it won’t affect your device’s performance. Now that you know how to change the name on your iPad, why not take a few minutes to do it? Personalizing your technology can make it feel more like your own, and it’s a small change that can make a big difference. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out our other articles for more tips and tricks on getting the most out of your Apple devices.

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