How to Bookmark on iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Bookmarking on your iPhone 15 is a breeze. Simply open Safari, navigate to the webpage you’d like to bookmark, tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen, and select “Add Bookmark.” After naming your bookmark and choosing where to save it, you’re all set. You’ll be able to access your saved pages quickly and effortlessly.

After bookmarking a page, it will be saved in your Safari bookmarks. This allows you to easily access it later without having to search for the webpage again. It’s an excellent way to keep track of important or frequently visited sites.

You can also check out this video about how to bookmark on iPhone 15 for additional coverage of this topic.


In the age of information overload, it’s crucial to have quick access to the content we find valuable. Whether it’s a delicious recipe, an intriguing article, or a must-watch tutorial, we often encounter web pages we know we’ll want to revisit. This is where bookmarking becomes a lifesaver. Bookmarking a webpage on your iPhone 15 means creating a shortcut that you can easily find and tap on to revisit that page. Think of it as marking a page in a book you’re reading. It’s a simple yet powerful feature that caters to our need for convenience and efficiency.

For iPhone 15 users, bookmarking is especially relevant. With the plethora of apps and features at our disposal, it’s easy to get lost in the digital shuffle. Bookmarking helps us keep our digital lives organized. It’s a feature that appeals to students who need to save research, professionals keeping track of industry news, and anyone who loves to consume content on the go. Let’s dive into how you can make the most of this feature.

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Bookmarking on iPhone 15: A Step by Step Tutorial

Before we get into the step-by-step process of bookmarking, let’s talk about the outcome. By following these steps, you’ll be able to save any webpage you like for quick access later. It’s like building your personalized digital library right there in your iPhone.

Step 1: Open Safari

Open your Safari app on your iPhone 15.

Opening Safari is your gateway to the internet on your iPhone 15. It’s where all your web browsing happens.

Step 2: Navigate to the webpage

Go to the webpage you want to bookmark.

This step is pretty straightforward—just find the page you want to save.

Step 3: Tap the Share icon

Tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen.

The share icon looks like a square with an upward arrow. It’s your tool for interacting with content beyond simply viewing it.

Step 4: Select “Add Bookmark”

From the share options, select “Add Bookmark.”

“Add Bookmark” is one option among many, so you might have to scroll a bit to find it.

Step 5: Name your bookmark and choose a location

Give your bookmark a name and decide where to save it.

Naming your bookmark something relevant makes it easier to spot later. Choosing a folder helps keep your bookmarks organized.

Step 6: Save the bookmark

Tap “Save” to store the bookmark.

Once you tap save, your bookmark is stored and ready for when you need it.


ConvenienceBookmarking on your iPhone 15 is a handy way to save web pages for later reference. It saves time and effort when trying to find a previously visited page.
OrganizationIt allows you to keep web pages neatly organized. With the ability to create folders, you can categorize bookmarks in a way that makes sense to you.
AccessibilityBookmarks can be synced across devices. So, if you bookmark something on your iPhone, you can access it on your Mac or iPad too.


Limited EditingOnce saved, bookmarks don’t offer much in terms of editing. You can rename them or move them to a different folder, but that’s about it.
ClutterWithout regular maintenance, your bookmarks can become cluttered, making it harder to find what you’re looking for.
Syncing IssuesSometimes, bookmarks may not sync properly across devices, especially if you’re not using iCloud or if there’s a glitch in the system.

Video About Bookmarking

Additional Information

When bookmarking on your iPhone 15, you’re not just limited to saving web pages. Did you know that you can also bookmark specific parts of a webpage or even save a webpage as a PDF to your iBooks? That’s the beauty of the iPhone 15—it’s packed with features that cater to our unique needs. Bookmarking is just the tip of the iceberg.

Consider also tagging your bookmarks with keywords or using the “Favorites” feature for pages you visit daily. Safari even offers a “Reading List” that lets you save articles you’d like to read later offline. The options are endless when it comes to curating your digital reading space. Plus, with the iPhone 15’s robust system, you can rest assured that your bookmarks are safe and easily retrievable. Don’t forget to back up your iPhone regularly to ensure that all your bookmarks are preserved.


  1. Open Safari.
  2. Navigate to the webpage you want to bookmark.
  3. Tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select “Add Bookmark.”
  5. Name your bookmark and choose a location to save it.
  6. Save the bookmark.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I organize my bookmarks into folders?

Yes, you can create folders to organize your bookmarks. This helps keep your saved pages neatly categorized.

Will my bookmarks be saved if I switch to a new iPhone?

If you’re using iCloud, your bookmarks will be synced across your devices, so you’ll still have them on a new iPhone.

Can I share my bookmarks with someone else?

You can share URLs directly with others, but there is no direct way to share a collection of bookmarks.

Is there a limit to how many bookmarks I can save?

No, there is no set limit to the number of bookmarks you can have on your iPhone.

Can I bookmark a page from a different browser other than Safari?

Bookmarks are specific to the browser you use. If you’re using a different browser on your iPhone, the process may differ.


In conclusion, bookmarking on the iPhone 15 is a fantastic feature that can enhance your web browsing experience by leaps and bounds. Whether it’s for work, study, or leisure, having quick access to your favorite web pages can be incredibly convenient. Just a few taps, and you’ve got a treasure trove of information at your fingertips.

Remember to keep your bookmarks organized and backed up, and you’ll never miss out on the content that matters to you. Ready to give it a try? Go ahead, start bookmarking, and transform the way you browse on your iPhone 15.

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