What is the Google Chromecast?

There is an increasingly popular category of electronics called set-top streaming boxes that are going to be among the most purchased electronics for years to come.

Products in this category include the Roku, the Apple TV and the Chromecast. Their popularity is due to a number of different factors, but chief among them is the increase in the number of people that have subscriptions to services like Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime.

The Google Chromecast is the newest addition to this group of products, and it has already risen to the top spot on Amazon’s list of best-selling electronics. Not only is the Chromecast inexpensive, but it is made by Google, it looks cool and it is remarkable easy to set up.

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What Can I Do with Google Chromecast?

what is the google chromecast

So if you’re interested in the Chromecast, either for yourself or as a gift, then you might be curious about what it is actually capable of doing. The Chromecast is a wireless device that you connect to your TV and your wireless network, then you use a phone, tablet or computer to control it.

You are able to send content to the Chromecast from the Google Chrome Web browser, Netflix apps, YouTube apps, Google Play apps and Hulu Plus apps (at the time of this writing). More apps are coming soon, and the popularity of this device ensures that developers will be clamoring to update their apps to support the Chromecast.

Rising prices of cable television have also helped to make video-streaming devices more appealing, as it is becoming more common for people to cancel their cable or satellite television subscriptions and instead rely on broadband Internet to stream content from Netflix, Hulu and the Web. The Chromecast is crucial in this scenario because it is the device that you connect to your television that enables you to stream from these services.

Why the Chromecast Instead of the Roku or the Apple TV?

One reason that the Chromecast is so popular is its’ small size. It is easy to disconnect it from one TV and plug it into another, as the wireless capabilities don’t force you to reinstall anything complicated, and most newer televisions won’t even need to plug it into a power outlet.

The Chromecast also has an interesting feature in that it doesn’t need any dedicated remote controls, which means that there isn’t a small accessory that can get lost or broken. You simply use your phone, tablet or computer as the remote control.

But the biggest reason that the Chromecast is such a great product is its’ low price. It is far less expensive than the Roku 3 or the Apple TV, and is even significantly lower priced than the Roku LT, which is Roku’s cheapest model. It’s price point puts it safely in the gift range, and people that aren’t sure if it’s something they want are more willing to take a risk on a competitively priced product.

If you’ve been wanting an easy way to watch digital or streaming videos on your TV, or even if you’ve been thinking about cutting the cable cord, then the Chromecast is definitely worth a closer look.

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