How to Delete a Text Box in Publisher 2013

Is there a text box in your Publisher file that is causing problems? Whether it’s an issue because there is text that you can’t remove, or because other objects keep auto-fitting around the text box, making it difficult to complete your job, an unwanted Publisher text box can be problematic.

Additionally, there is no clear means for removing the text box from the file, which can be a source of frustration. Fortunately you are able to delete a text box in Publisher 2013 by selecting the text box as an object, then pressing a key on your keyboard. Our tutorial below will walk you through the process.

How to Remove a Text Box from a Publisher 2013 Document

The steps in this article were performed in Microsoft Publisher 2013. Once you complete these steps you will have removed an existing text box from your document. You will not be able to get that text box back after completing these actions, so make sure that you do not need it.

Step 1: Open your document in Publisher 2013.

Step 2: Click inside the text box so that you can see its borders, then click on one of the text box borders to select the entire text box object.

how to delete a text box in publisher 2013

Step 3: Press the Backspace or Delete key on your keyboard to delete the text box. If this doesn’t delete the text box, then your cursor is probably inside the text box, rather than having the text box selected. Try clicking on the text box border again, then pressing the Backspace or Delete key.

Do you need to add a new text box to your Publisher file, but aren’t sure how? Find out how to add a new text box in Publisher 2013 so that you can add the necessary words and numbers to your project.

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