How to Copy a Website Link on the iPhone 5

Browsing the Web often leads you to pages that contain information that you want to save for later, or that you think someone else might need to know about.

Rather than describe how to find the page that you are on, then easiest way to locate that page again is to save or share the link somewhere.

The default Web browser on your iPhone, Safari, includes a simple method that will allow you to copy the link of a Web page that you are visiting so that you can paste it into another app.

So continue reading below to learn how you can copy a Web page link on your iPhone 5.

Copying a Website Link on an iPhone in iOS 7

This method is going to teach you how to copy the link of a Web page that you are visiting in the Safari browser on your iPhone.

This method works specifically for those purposes. If you want to copy text that appears on a Web page or in an email, then read our article on copying and pasting on the iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Safari Web browser.

open the safari browser

Step 2: Browse to the Web page whose link you want to copy.

browse to the page you want to copy the link of

Step 3: Scroll up on the page to make the menu bar appear at the bottom of the screen, then touch the Share icon.

touch the share icon

Step 4: Touch the Copy button. This will copy the link to your clipboard so that you can paste it into another location.

how to copy a web page link on the iphone 5

You can then paste the link by navigating to the location where you want to paste it, tapping and holding on that location, then selecting the Paste option.

tap and hold, then touch paste

If you want to send a link via text message, you can use a similar method.

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