Converting HEIC Photos to JPG on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Converting HEIC photos to JPG on your iPhone is a simple process. All you need to do is go to your iPhone settings, select the ‘Photos’ option, then scroll down to the ‘Transfer to Mac or PC’ section. Here, you can choose ‘Automatic’ to convert HEIC files to compatible JPG format when transferring to a computer or select ‘Keep Originals’ to keep the HEIC format.

Step by Step Tutorial: Converting HEIC Photos to JPG on iPhone

Converting HEIC photos to JPG on your iPhone can be done in a few easy steps. This will allow you to share your photos with devices that don’t support the HEIC format.

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone

Navigate to the settings app on your iPhone’s home screen.
The settings app is the one with the gear icon. Once you’re in settings, you’ll need to scroll down to find the ‘Photos’ option.

Step 2: Scroll down to ‘Transfer to Mac or PC’

Swipe up on your screen until you find the ‘Transfer to Mac or PC’ section.
This section is towards the bottom of the ‘Photos’ settings, so you may need to scroll for a bit.

Step 3: Select ‘Automatic’

Tap on ‘Automatic’ to ensure that HEIC photos are converted to JPG when transferring to a computer.
By selecting ‘Automatic,’ your iPhone will automatically convert HEIC files to a compatible format for Mac or PC without you having to do anything extra.

After completing these steps, your HEIC photos will be converted to JPG format when you transfer them to a computer. This means you can easily share them with friends or family who may not have devices that support HEIC.

Tips: Converting HEIC Photos to JPG on iPhone

  • Check if your device supports HEIC before converting to JPG.
  • Remember that converting to JPG may result in larger file sizes.
  • Be aware that some image quality might be lost when converting from HEIC to JPG.
  • If you’re running low on storage, consider whether you need to convert all HEIC photos to JPG.
  • Keep your iPhone’s software up to date to ensure compatibility and efficiency in converting files.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HEIC?

HEIC is a file format for images that Apple uses on newer iPhones and iPads.

HEIC, or High-Efficiency Image File Format, is a type of file that allows for high-quality images with smaller file sizes compared to JPEG. It’s great for saving space on your device, but not all computers or devices can open HEIC files.

Why do I need to convert HEIC photos to JPG?

Not all devices and software support HEIC files, so converting them to JPG allows for broader compatibility.

By converting your HEIC photos to JPG, you ensure that you can view and share your images on almost any device or social media platform without running into compatibility issues.

Will converting HEIC to JPG reduce the quality of my photos?

Converting HEIC to JPG may lead to some loss in image quality due to the compression process.

While HEIC is designed to maintain high image quality with smaller file sizes, the JPG format uses more compression, which can result in a slight loss of image detail and quality.

How do I know if my photo is in HEIC format?

You can check the format of your photo by looking at the file extension or the information in your photo app.

If you’re looking at your photo in the iPhone’s Photos app, you can tap on the photo and swipe up to see more information, including the file format.

Can I convert a JPG back to HEIC?

Once a photo is converted to JPG, it cannot be converted back to HEIC.

Converting a JPG back to HEIC won’t restore any lost quality or decrease the file size, so it’s best to keep your originals in HEIC format if you want to maintain the highest quality.


  1. Open Settings on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down to ‘Transfer to Mac or PC’
  3. Select ‘Automatic’


Converting HEIC photos to JPG on your iPhone is a breeze with the steps provided above. Whether you’re looking to share your photos with friends or simply want to ensure compatibility across all devices, this quick guide has got you covered. Remember that while JPG is a universally recognized format, it does come with larger file sizes and potential quality loss. So, consider your needs and whether you need to convert all your photos or just a select few. Stay up to date with your iPhone’s settings and capabilities to make the most out of your photo-sharing experience. And if you ever find yourself in a pickle, refer back to these steps to convert HEIC photos to JPG effortlessly. Keep snapping those memories!

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