Why Is My iPhone 12 Screen Black? Troubleshooting Tips

So, your iPhone 12 screen is black and you’re wondering why. Don’t worry, it’s a common issue that many iPhone users face. In this article, we’ll walk you through some simple steps to fix it. By the end, you should have a functioning iPhone screen once again!

Step by Step Tutorial: Fixing Your iPhone 12 Black Screen

Before we dive into the steps, let’s quickly talk about what we’re trying to achieve here. We want to troubleshoot the reasons why your iPhone 12 screen might be black and attempt to fix it. This could be due to a variety of reasons, from a simple software glitch to a more serious hardware problem.

Step 1: Force Restart Your iPhone

Press and quickly release the Volume Up button, then press and quickly release the Volume Down button. Finally, press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo.

A force restart is a go-to initial step because it can resolve minor software glitches that might be causing your screen to go black. It’s like a fresh start for your iPhone, and it doesn’t delete any of your data.

Step 2: Charge Your iPhone

Connect your iPhone to a charger and let it charge for at least an hour.

Sometimes, the issue is as simple as a drained battery. If your iPhone has run out of juice, giving it a good charge might bring the screen back to life.

Step 3: Check for Physical Damage

Inspect your iPhone for any visible signs of damage that might be causing the screen to malfunction.

If you’ve dropped your iPhone or it has come into contact with liquid, the black screen could be the result of physical damage to the screen or other components.

Step 4: Restore Your iPhone Using iTunes

Connect your iPhone to a computer, open iTunes, and follow the prompts to restore your device.

Restoring your iPhone using iTunes can fix more serious software issues. However, be aware that this step will erase all data on your iPhone, so it’s best used as a last resort.

Step 5: Contact Apple Support or Visit an Apple Store

If none of the above steps work, it might be time to get professional help.

Sometimes, a black screen can be the result of a hardware failure that requires professional repair or replacement.

After completing these actions, your iPhone screen should be working again. If the issue was software-related, one of the first four steps will likely have resolved it. If it’s a hardware problem, professional assistance will be necessary.

Tips for Preventing an iPhone 12 Black Screen

  • Keep your iPhone updated with the latest iOS version to avoid software glitches.
  • Avoid exposing your iPhone to extreme temperatures or moisture.
  • Use a protective case to minimize the risk of physical damage.
  • Regularly back up your iPhone to preserve your data in case you need to restore it.
  • Avoid charging your iPhone with non-certified chargers that could potentially damage your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my iPhone 12 screen suddenly go black?

It could be due to a software crash, a drained battery, physical damage, or even a hardware issue.

Will a force restart delete any of my data?

No, a force restart does not delete any of your data. It’s a safe first step to try when troubleshooting.

Should I attempt to fix a physically damaged iPhone myself?

It’s best to get professional help for physical damage as DIY repairs can often lead to further issues.

How can I avoid getting a black screen on my iPhone in the future?

Keep your iPhone updated, use protective gear, avoid risky charging equipment, and handle your device with care.

What if my iPhone screen is still black after trying all the steps?

You’ll likely need to contact Apple Support for assistance or visit an Apple Store for a professional diagnosis.


  1. Force restart your iPhone.
  2. Charge your iPhone.
  3. Check for physical damage.
  4. Restore your iPhone using iTunes.
  5. Seek professional help if necessary.


Dealing with a black screen on your iPhone 12 can be frustrating, but it’s often a fixable issue. Whether it’s a simple force restart or a more complex software restore, there’s a good chance you can get your phone back in working order. Remember to handle your iPhone with care, keep it updated, and back it up regularly to mitigate future risks. If all else fails, Apple’s customer support is renowned for its helpfulness, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them. After all, your iPhone is an integral part of your daily life, and keeping it in top condition should be a priority.

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