How to Enable Presenter View in Powerpoint 2013

There are usually two sides to a Powerpoint presentation. Your audience is viewing the contents of your slides and taking in your presented materials, while you are using your own set of notes to give that presentation. You may be used to doing this from either a printed out version of your slideshow, or your […]

How to Show the Vertical Ruler in Powerpoint 2013

The rulers in programs like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint can be very helpful for placing document elements, or for getting a good idea of how large something will be on your paper. But these rulers can get hidden in a variety of ways, so you may be wondering how you can display the vertical ruler […]

How to Move a Comment in Powerpoint 2013

Do you often need to comment on a slide in Powerpoint 2013, but you’re frustrated with the fact that the comment only shows at the top-left corner of the slide? Or do you need to comment on a presentation and you aren’t sure how? Our article below will discuss how to make a comment in […]

How to Put a Border Around a Picture in Powerpoint 2013

Images and other types of visual media are important components of Powerpoint presentations. They are typically better at holding your audience’s attention than plain text, so it is beneficial to make those images as appealing as possible. One situation that you might encounter is an image that seems to blend into the background of the […]

Can I Open a Word Document in Powerpoint 2013?

Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint have a lot of functionality that integrates between the different programs. You can also use each program for a variety of tasks, so you may find that something you created in one application can be used for another as well. If you find that you have a […]

How to Hide Spelling and Grammar Errors in Powerpoint 2013

The spelling and grammar checking capabilities of Microsoft Office programs have been a lifesaver for many users of the program. Powerpoint 2013, for example, can indicate a spelling or grammar mistake on one of your slides by underlining the error, which makes it easy to locate. However, sometimes these mistakes are intentional, or you would […]

How to Change the Font Size for Notes in Powerpoint 2013

The speaker notes that you include on your Powerpoint presentation slides can be very important, so you might be looking for a way to change the font size of your notes in Powerpoint 2013. It is a very helpful change to make, but adjusting the font on your slides doesn’t do anything, which can be […]

How to Print Powerpoint 2013 Handouts Without the Date and Time

Handouts are an important part of Powerpoint presentations, as they allow your audience to follow along with the information on the presentation, while also serving as a means to include additional information that might not fit into the slides themselves. But you might find that you need to remove the date and time from the […]

How to Remove a Transition in Powerpoint 2013

Transitions and animations are relatively minor changes to a Powerpoint slideshow that can help to increase the entertainment level of the presentation. Powerpoint 2013 makes it a short process to add one of these effects to a slide, which can help to increase your audience’s focus on your information. But it is very simple to go overboard […]

Where is Page Setup in Powerpoint 2013?

if you are a longtime user of Powerpoint, then you have probably come to rely on the Page Setup menu that allows you to change the size or orientation of your slide. This menu is also part of several other Microsoft Office products, and contains many helpful settings. But if you are using Powerpoint 2013 and […]