save powerpoint 2013 as video

Can You Save a Powerpoint as a Video in Powerpoint 2013?

The slideshow format that is used for Powerpoint presentations is ideal for giving presentations to a group. But occasionally you may need to present that information in a different way, or you need to make it accessible to people that need to view it in a different environment. Showing a video is a comparable alternative … Read more

find the hidden slide in powerpoint 2013

How to Unhide a Slide in Powerpoint 2013

Many of the productivity applications that you use every day include some elements that you might want to hide. In Microsoft Excel, you can hide rows, columns, or entire worksheets. In Microsoft Word, you can hide words, paragraphs, or entire pages. You can even hide slides in a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation. But if you have … Read more

how to set legal size in powerpoint 2013

How to Size Your Slides for Legal Paper in Powerpoint 2013

Microsoft Office products are often configured for your current geographic location. This can mean default paper sizes, or margins on your document. But much like you might need to switch between centimeters and inches for Word margins, you may need to change the size of your slides in Powerpoint. While Microsoft Powerpoint is easier to … Read more

some slides horizontal some slides vertical powerpoint

How to Make a Powerpoint Slide Vertical in Powerpoint 2013

Powerpoint slides are in the landscape, or horizontal, orientation by default. But you may have a presentation that would be better if it were in the portrait orientation, so you may be wondering how to make a Powerpoint slide vertical. Our tutorial below is going to show you how to switch your presentation so that … Read more

repeat information at the bottom of slides in powerpoint

How to Add a Footer in Powerpoint 2013

While the content that you include on the slides in your Powerpoint presentation will often vary from slide to slide, there might be information or page elements that you would like to include on every slide. Whether this is your name, your company name, or the title of the presentation, it can be helpful to … Read more

how to loop a powerpoint presentation repeatedly

How to Loop a Powerpoint Presentation in Powerpoint 2013

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to learn how to loop a Powerpoint presentation if you are creating something that is meant to be displayed for a long period of time. Manually restarting a presentation repeatedly can be inconvenient and a waste of time, so an automated method is preferable in … Read more

how convert powerpoint to mp4 powerpoint 2013

How to Convert Powerpoint to MP4 in Powerpoint 2013

We have previously written about adding YouTube videos in Powerpoint, which lets you add a video element to your presentation. But you may encounter a situation where you are creating a presentation in Powerpoint that needs to be in the MPEG-4 (MP4) video format. While your initial thought might be that you will need extra … Read more

how to hide speaker notes in powerpoint 2013

How to Show or Hide the Speaker Notes in Powerpoint 2013

Even if you have spent an extraordinary amount of time crafting the perfect presentation about a topic that you know inside and out, it can be difficult to give a presentation. Public speaking can be overwhelming, and large presentations often contain a high number of slides, making it difficult to memorize everything you want to … Read more

how to turn off automatic lists in powerpoint 2013

How to Turn off Automatic Lists in Powerpoint 2013

Is Powerpoint turning everything into a list whenever you type a dash at the beginning of a line? Luckily you can learn how to turn off automatic lists in Powerpoint 2013 by changing a setting that is found on the Powerpoint Options dialog box. How to Make Powerpoint Stop Turning Everything into a List Open … Read more