How to Add Gridlines in Excel 2016

When you create a new spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel you probably see a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines that create small rectangular cells. These lines are called gridlines and are a helpful formatting option to have both when working on your computer and viewing a printed spreadsheet. The steps in this article are going … Read more

How to Add Rows in Excel 2016

When you are trying to figure out how to add rows in Excel, you may be looking for two different things. In the first scenario you are trying to insert additional rows into an existing set of data in a spreadsheet. In the second scenario you are likely trying to figure out how to add … Read more

how to change print quality excel 2016

How to Change Print Quality in Excel 2016

I wish I could work in Excel and not have to worry about printing. Between data being difficult to read, old print areas, and rows and columns that don’t fit on the page, there’s a lot that you might need to fix. Spreadsheets are much easier to deal with on a computer (in my opinion), … Read more