Performing a Factory Reset from Boot in Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Performing a factory reset from boot in Windows 11 is a process that can help fix major issues with your computer. In just a few steps, you can return your PC to its original state, as if it were brand new. You’ll need to access the boot menu, navigate to the reset option, and follow the prompts. It’s a handy trick to know if you’re having trouble with your system, or if you’re planning to sell or give away your computer.

Step by Step Tutorial: Performing a Factory Reset from Boot in Windows 11

Before we dive into the steps, let’s talk about why you might need to perform a factory reset from boot. This process is useful when you can’t access the Windows 11 settings due to system errors, malware, or if you’re recycling your PC. It wipes your personal data and restores the system to its original factory settings.

Step 1: Access the Boot Menu

Turn on your PC and press the boot key (usually F2, F12, Del, or Esc) repeatedly until the boot menu appears.
Accessing the boot menu is crucial for initiating a factory reset from boot. The boot key varies depending on your PC’s manufacturer, so refer to your user manual or look it up online if you’re unsure.

Step 2: Choose the Troubleshoot Option

Using your keyboard or mouse, select the ‘Troubleshoot’ option from the boot menu.
The Troubleshoot option takes you to the advanced options where the reset process resides. It’s typically easy to spot, usually having an icon with a wrench or a screwdriver.

Step 3: Select ‘Reset this PC’

From the Troubleshoot menu, choose ‘Reset this PC’.
This is where you tell your Windows 11 computer that you want to start the factory reset process. It’s a point of no return, so make sure you’ve backed up all your important data before proceeding.

Step 4: Choose to Remove Everything

When prompted, select ‘Remove everything’ to erase all personal data from the PC.
This step ensures that all your files, apps, and settings will be wiped clean. It’s what makes the process a “factory reset” – your PC will be as it was when it first left the factory.

Step 5: Confirm and Start the Reset

Follow any additional on-screen instructions and confirm you want to reset your PC, then wait for the process to complete.
This might take some time, depending on your PC’s speed and the amount of data to be removed. Make sure your computer is plugged in to avoid interruptions.

After completing the factory reset, your Windows 11 PC will restart as if it were brand new, without any of your personal data or custom settings. This is a fresh start, and you’ll need to go through the initial setup process as if you’ve just bought the computer.

Tips: Performing a Factory Reset from Boot in Windows 11

  • Always back up your data before performing a factory reset.
  • Ensure your PC is plugged into a power source to avoid interruptions.
  • Know your PC’s boot key by referring to the user manual or manufacturer’s website.
  • Remove any external storage devices to prevent accidental data loss.
  • Be patient during the reset process as it may take some time to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a factory reset?

A factory reset is a process of restoring a computer to its original system state by erasing all the data and settings added by the user.

Will I lose my personal files during a factory reset?

Yes, a factory reset will remove all personal files, apps, and settings from your PC.

How long does a factory reset take?

The time it takes to complete a factory reset can vary. It generally takes between 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on your PC’s specifications and the amount of data being erased.

Can I cancel the factory reset process once it has started?

Once the factory reset process has begun, it is not advisable to cancel it as it may leave your system in an unstable state.

Do I need a Windows installation disc to perform a factory reset from boot?

No, you do not need a Windows installation disc. The factory reset option is built into the Windows 11 operating system.


  1. Access the boot menu.
  2. Choose the Troubleshoot option.
  3. Select ‘Reset this PC’.
  4. Choose to Remove Everything.
  5. Confirm and start the reset.


Performing a factory reset from boot in Windows 11 is a straightforward process that can solve a variety of issues and give you a clean slate. Whether you’re troubleshooting persistent problems, preparing to sell or give away your PC, or just looking for a fresh start, knowing how to reset your computer can be incredibly useful. Remember to back up your data, be patient during the process, and follow the steps carefully to ensure a smooth reset. With this knowledge, you’re now equipped to handle one of the more drastic, but sometimes necessary, measures in maintaining your Windows 11 PC’s health and performance.