How to Use Speed Dial on an iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Speed dial on an iPhone is a feature that allows you to call your favorite contacts quickly by assigning them to a specific number key. To use speed dial, simply open the Phone app, go to the Keypad tab, and press and hold the number key assigned to your contact. Within seconds, your call will be connected to that person.

After setting up speed dial on your iPhone, you’ll be able to call your favorite contacts with just a few taps. No more scrolling through your contacts list or searching for a specific name. Speed dial makes it easy and efficient to reach out to the people you talk to most.


Ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to make a quick call to a loved one or an important business contact but fumbling through your iPhone’s contact list took longer than you would have liked? If your answer is yes, then you’re in for a treat! Speed dial is a handy feature on iPhones that can save you precious time and hassle.

While the concept of speed dial may not be new, many iPhone users are unaware of how to utilize this function on their devices. Speed dial is especially relevant for individuals who make frequent calls to a select group of contacts. It’s perfect for emergency situations, for staying connected with family, or for reaching out to colleagues swiftly. The convenience of speed dial on iPhones ensures that you can connect with your most important contacts without delay. So, let’s dive in and explore how to make your iPhone experience more efficient with the use of speed dial.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Use Speed Dial on an iPhone

Before we get into the steps, it’s important to note that iPhones don’t have the traditional “speed dial” feature that assigns a phone number to a numeral key. Instead, they offer something similar called “Favorites” which can be accessed quickly. Here’s how to set it up.

Step 1: Open the Phone app

First, open the Phone app on your iPhone.

This is the app you use to make all your calls. It’s usually located at the bottom of your home screen, and it’s represented by a green icon with a white phone handset.

Step 2: Go to the Favorites tab

Secondly, navigate to the Favorites tab at the bottom left corner of the screen.

The Favorites tab is indicated by a star icon. Here, you will find a list of contacts that you have marked as favorites, which functions similarly to a speed dial list.

Step 3: Add a contact to Favorites

To add a new contact to your Favorites, tap on the “+” sign at the top left corner.

You’ll then be prompted to choose a contact from your list to add to your Favorites. You can select the specific number you want to use for speed dial if your contact has more than one.

Step 4: Arrange your Favorites

Finally, arrange your Favorites in order of preference.

To reorder your Favorites, simply press and hold the three horizontal lines next to a contact and drag them to your preferred position. The topmost contact will be the easiest to access, similar to speed dial number 1 on traditional phones.


Quick AccessSpeed dial on the iPhone allows for quick access to your most important contacts.
Time-SavingIt saves time by eliminating the need to scroll through your entire contact list.
ConvenienceOffers convenience, especially during urgent situations when you need to make a call fast.

Quick access is one of the major advantages of using speed dial on an iPhone. By simply tapping on the Favorites tab and selecting a contact, you can make a call much faster than searching through your contacts list.

Time-saving is another significant benefit. For people who make frequent calls, speed dial on the iPhone can cut down on the seconds or even minutes spent finding a contact, thereby boosting efficiency.

Lastly, the convenience factor of speed dial cannot be overstated. In emergencies or when in a rush, being able to quickly dial a contact can be a lifesaver.


Limited ContactsYou can only add a limited number of contacts to your Favorites list.
Accidental CallsThere is a possibility of making accidental calls if you’re not careful.
Learning CurveSome users may find it takes time to get used to the Favorites function as a speed dial alternative.

One limitation of using speed dial on the iPhone is that you can only add a limited number of contacts to your Favorites list, unlike traditional speed dial where you could assign a number to any contact.

Accidental calls are another potential drawback. If you accidentally tap a contact in your Favorites, it may initiate a call immediately, which could be inconvenient.

Lastly, there is a learning curve for some users. Those accustomed to traditional speed dial may need some time to adjust to using the Favorites function as an alternative method.

Additional Information

While the iPhone does not have a traditional speed dial feature, the Favorites function serves a similar purpose. It provides a quick and easy way to access your most frequently called contacts. Remember that the Favorites you set up sync across all your Apple devices, so you’ll have the same quick access on your iPad or Mac, provided you’re signed in with the same Apple ID.

Another tip for quick calling is to use Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. You can say “Hey Siri, call [contact name]” and Siri will place the call for you. This is especially useful when you’re driving or your hands are otherwise occupied.

Don’t forget that you can also assign a specific ringtone or vibration pattern to your favorite contacts. This way, you’ll know who’s calling without even looking at your phone. And for those moments when you can’t pick up the phone, you can use the “Respond with Text” feature to send a quick message.

Lastly, if you’re worried about privacy, note that you can always edit or remove contacts from your Favorites list at any time. The speed dial feature on an iPhone is flexible and customizable to fit your personal needs and preferences.


  1. Open the Phone app
  2. Go to the Favorites tab
  3. Add a contact to Favorites
  4. Arrange your Favorites

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I assign a specific number key to a contact on my iPhone for speed dial?

No, iPhones do not support assigning contacts to specific number keys, but you can use the Favorites function for quick access to your most-called contacts.

How many contacts can I add to my Favorites list?

The number of contacts you can add is not fixed, though it’s best to keep your list relatively short for quick access.

Can I make accidental calls with speed dial on the iPhone?

Yes, if you’re not careful with how you handle your phone, you could accidentally tap a contact and initiate a call.

Is there a way to quickly call someone without using Favorites?

Yes, you can use Siri to make a call by saying “Hey Siri, call [contact name].”

Can I remove a contact from Favorites?

Yes, you can swipe left on the contact and tap “Delete” to remove them from your Favorites.


In conclusion, while the iPhone doesn’t have the traditional speed-dial feature, its Favorites function is a modern and efficient alternative that fits the fast-paced lifestyle of many users today. It’s clear that the benefits of using speed dial on an iPhone, including quick access, time-saving, and convenience, outweigh the drawbacks.

Whether you’re someone who regularly checks in on family or needs to keep in touch with colleagues, speed dial can make your communication process smoother and faster. Remember, with technology constantly evolving, it’s important to stay updated on the features your devices offer. So now that you’re armed with this knowledge, why not give it a try and see how it can make your life a little bit easier?

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