How to Use Apple Airplay: A Step-by-Step Guide

Want to share your favorite tunes or videos from your iPhone or iPad to your TV or speakers? Apple AirPlay makes it a breeze! In this article, we’ll guide you through the simple steps to get started with AirPlay, so you can enjoy your content on the big screen or with better sound.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Use Apple AirPlay

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that AirPlay lets you stream audio and video from your Apple devices to AirPlay-compatible devices like Apple TV, certain smart TVs, and speakers. It’s like magic – your content appears on a bigger screen or plays through better speakers without any wires!

Step 1: Check Compatibility

Make sure your devices are compatible with AirPlay.

If you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, it needs to be running iOS 11.4 or later. For Macs, it should be running macOS Mojave 10.14.5 or later. The device you’re streaming to, like an Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV, also needs to be up to date.

Step 2: Connect to the Same Wi-Fi Network

Ensure that both your Apple device and the AirPlay receiver are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

AirPlay won’t work if your devices are on different networks, so double-check your Wi-Fi connections. If you’re at a friend’s house, you may need to ask for their network details.

Step 3: Open the Content You Want to Stream

Find the video, photo, or music track you’d like to share on your Apple device.

It can be anything from a song on Apple Music, a photo from your gallery, or a video from YouTube or another streaming service.

Step 4: Tap the AirPlay Icon

Locate and tap the AirPlay icon, which usually looks like a rectangle with an upward-facing triangle at the bottom.

You’ll often find this icon in the app you’re using, like the Music app, Photos, or in the Control Center of your device.

Step 5: Select the AirPlay Device

Choose the device you want to stream to from the list that appears after tapping the AirPlay icon.

Your device will search for available AirPlay receivers. Just tap the one you want, and voilà, your content will start streaming!

After you’ve completed these steps, you should see your content appear on the screen or hear it through the speakers of the AirPlay device. It’s that simple! You can now enjoy your media in a more immersive way.

Tips for Using Apple AirPlay

  • Check for updates on all your devices to ensure compatibility and a smooth AirPlay experience.
  • Use a strong Wi-Fi connection to prevent any streaming issues.
  • If you’re streaming video, rotate your device for full-screen viewing.
  • Adjust the volume from your Apple device, as it will control the output volume on the AirPlay receiver.
  • Remember that not all apps support AirPlay, so if the icon isn’t showing up, that might be the reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use AirPlay without Wi-Fi?

No, both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to use AirPlay.

What is the difference between AirPlay and Bluetooth?

AirPlay uses Wi-Fi to stream content, which can offer higher quality and longer range than Bluetooth.

Can I use AirPlay with non-Apple devices?

Yes, some non-Apple devices are compatible with AirPlay, especially newer smart TVs and speakers.

How do I stop AirPlay streaming?

Tap the AirPlay icon again and choose your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to stop streaming to the AirPlay device.

Why isn’t AirPlay working on my device?

Make sure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, are compatible with AirPlay, and have the latest software updates.


  1. Check compatibility
  2. Connect to the same Wi-Fi network
  3. Open the content you want to stream
  4. Tap the AirPlay icon
  5. Select the AirPlay device


Apple AirPlay truly is a game-changer when it comes to enjoying your media. Whether you’re throwing a party and want the music to fill the room, or settling in for movie night, AirPlay makes it easy to share content from your small screen to a bigger one or to better speakers. The best part? It’s wireless, convenient, and maintains high-quality audio and video. Just make sure your devices are compatible and up-to-date, you’re on the same Wi-Fi network, and you’re ready to go. If you run into any issues, a quick check of your Wi-Fi connection or software updates usually does the trick. So, grab your Apple device, pick your favorite content, and get ready to AirPlay. Your eyes and ears will thank you!

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