How to Upload High Quality Photos to Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

Uploading high-quality photos to Facebook is straightforward once you know the right steps. Essentially, you need to prepare your photos, adjust some settings, and upload them correctly. This guide will walk you through the process with easy steps and helpful tips to make sure your photos look their best on Facebook.

How to Upload High Quality Photos to Facebook

Following these steps will ensure that your photos maintain their quality when uploaded to Facebook.

Step 1: Prepare Your Photos

Resize your images to 2048 pixels wide before uploading.

Facebook compresses images, so starting with the optimal size helps maintain quality. For best results, use a photo editor to resize your images to a width of 2048 pixels. This way, Facebook won’t need to compress them as much.

Step 2: Save Photos in High Quality

Use the PNG format for saving your images.

JPEGs are commonly used, but PNG format often preserves image quality better when uploaded to social media. If your photo editor allows, save your images as PNG files. This can result in sharper, clearer photos.

Step 3: Enable High-Quality Uploads

Turn on “Upload HD” in your Facebook settings.

To ensure Facebook doesn’t compress your images too much, go to the settings of your Facebook app. Look for “Upload HD” and make sure it’s turned on for both photos and videos. This setting ensures that your uploads are in the highest quality possible.

Step 4: Upload Images Directly

Upload directly from your computer or camera roll.

Avoid using screenshots or images saved from the web, as these may already be compressed. Instead, upload your images directly from your computer or camera roll to maintain the highest quality.

Step 5: Adjust Privacy Settings

Set your audience and privacy options.

Before finalizing your upload, adjust who can see your photos. This won’t affect photo quality, but it’s good practice to review privacy settings for each album or photo you upload.

After you complete these steps, your photos should appear in high quality on Facebook. By following these steps, you minimize compression and maintain the original clarity of your images.

Tips for Uploading High-Quality Photos to Facebook

  • Use Proper Lighting: Ensure your photos are well-lit to avoid graininess.
  • Edit Photos: Use basic editing tools to enhance your photos before uploading.
  • Check Facebook’s Recommended Sizes: Follow Facebook’s guidelines for image dimensions.
  • Avoid Over-Editing: Too much editing can make photos look artificial.
  • Use Original Files: Always upload the original file for the best quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my photos look blurry on Facebook?

Facebook compresses images, which can cause them to appear blurry. To avoid this, resize your photos to 2048 pixels wide and save them in PNG format.

What is the best format for Facebook photos?

PNG format often preserves photo quality better than JPEG when uploaded to Facebook.

How do I turn on “Upload HD”?

Go to your Facebook settings, find the “Upload HD” option, and toggle it on for both photos and videos.

Can I upload multiple high-quality photos at once?

Yes, you can create an album and upload multiple high-quality photos simultaneously.

Does Facebook compress all images?

Yes, Facebook compresses all images, but following the steps in this guide can help minimize quality loss.


  1. Resize images to 2048 pixels wide.
  2. Save photos in PNG format.
  3. Enable “Upload HD” in Facebook settings.
  4. Upload images directly from the source.
  5. Adjust privacy settings as needed.


Uploading high-quality photos to Facebook doesn’t have to be a headache. By resizing your images, saving them in the right format, and adjusting your settings, you can ensure that your photos look crisp and clear. Remember to check your privacy settings and upload directly from your camera roll or computer for the best results. Following these steps, you’ll be sharing stunning images that capture attention and draw in viewers. For those looking to dive deeper, Facebook’s help center provides further guidance on optimizing images. So, go ahead—show off your best photos on Facebook and keep them looking sharp!

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