How to Private All Photos in Facebook Using Phone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Making your Facebook photos private can help protect your personal information from prying eyes. This guide will show you how to quickly and easily make all your Facebook photos private using your phone. It’s a straightforward process, and you can accomplish it in a few simple steps.

Step-by-step Tutorial on How to Private All Photos on Facebook Using Phone

Follow these steps to make all your Facebook photos private. This guide will walk you through each step to ensure that your photos are only visible to the people you choose.

Step 1: Open the Facebook App

First, make sure you open the Facebook app on your phone.

Ensure you’re logged in to your Facebook account. If not, enter your email/phone number and password.

Step 2: Go to Your Profile

Next, tap on your profile picture or name to access your profile page.

This is where all your personal information and photos are stored.

Step 3: Navigate to Your Photos

On your profile page, find and tap on the “Photos” tab.

This will show you all your photo albums and individual photos.

Step 4: Select an Album

Choose the album you want to make private by tapping on it.

Doing so will bring up all the photos in that album.

Step 5: Tap on the Three Dots

In the album, tap on the three dots (⋮) in the upper-right corner.

A menu will appear with various options.

Step 6: Edit Album Privacy

Select “Edit Album” from the menu, then tap on the privacy option.

This is where you can change who can see your album.

Step 7: Choose “Only Me”

Under the privacy settings, select “Only Me.”

This will make the album visible only to you.

Step 8: Repeat for All Albums

Repeat steps 4 through 7 for each album you want to make private.

You’ll have to do this for every album individually.

Step 9: Adjust Individual Photos

For photos not in albums, tap each photo and use the privacy settings to make them private.

This ensures all your photos are covered.

After completing these steps, all your selected Facebook photos will be private, visible only to you. This ensures that no one else can view your personal photos without your permission.

Tips for Making Photos Private on Facebook Using Phone

  • Check Your Settings Regularly: Facebook updates its interface often. Keep an eye on your privacy settings to ensure they stay as you want them.
  • Review Tagged Photos: Sometimes, friends tag you in photos. Make sure to review these and adjust their privacy settings.
  • Use “View As”: Use Facebook’s “View As” feature to see your profile as others do. This helps confirm that your photos are private.
  • Manage Future Posts: Adjust the settings for future posts so that new photos are private by default.
  • Limit Past Posts: Consider limiting the audience for past posts in the privacy settings for an extra layer of security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make all my photos private at once?

No, you need to adjust the privacy settings for each album and individual photo separately.

What happens if I delete a photo?

Deleting a photo removes it from Facebook entirely. It will no longer be visible to anyone, including you.

How do I check if my photos are private?

Use Facebook’s “View As” feature to see your profile as others see it. This will help you confirm that your photos are private.

Can friends still tag me in photos?

Yes, but you can review tags before they appear on your profile. Adjust this in your privacy settings.

Will making photos private affect my profile picture?

No, your profile picture remains public by default. You can adjust its privacy settings separately if needed.


  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Navigate to your photos.
  4. Select an album.
  5. Tap on the three dots.
  6. Edit album privacy.
  7. Choose “Only Me.”
  8. Repeat for all albums.
  9. Adjust individual photos.


Making all your photos private on Facebook using your phone is a crucial step in maintaining your online privacy. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your personal images are only visible to you, protecting your privacy from unwanted eyes. Regularly check your settings and use Facebook’s privacy tools to stay in control of your information.

Feel free to explore Facebook’s privacy settings further for more ways to secure your account. Taking these steps not only safeguards your photos but also gives you peace of mind in your online interactions. Happy sharing, and stay safe!