How to Transfer Photos from iPad to iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Transferring photos from one iPad to another is pretty straightforward. By using iCloud or AirDrop, you can share your cherished memories in no time. Here’s a quick overview: use iCloud to sync your photos, or AirDrop them directly from one iPad to another. Both methods are fast, secure, and efficient.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Transfer Photos from iPad to iPad

This section will help you understand how to transfer photos from one iPad to another effortlessly. Whether you’re using iCloud or AirDrop, these steps will guide you through the process.

Step 1: Enable iCloud Photos on Both iPads

Go to the Settings app on both iPads, tap your name at the top, select iCloud, then Photos, and toggle on iCloud Photos.

Using iCloud allows both iPads to access the same photo library. Make sure you have enough iCloud storage for all your photos and a stable Wi-Fi connection, as uploading and downloading can consume a lot of data.

Step 2: Wait for Photos to Sync

Once iCloud Photos is enabled, wait for the photos to upload from the old iPad and download onto the new one.

The time this takes depends on the number of photos and the speed of your internet connection. You can view the progress in the Photos app; a small circle will show the upload/download status.

Step 3: Use AirDrop for Quick Transfers

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen (or down from the upper right corner on newer iPads) to open Control Center. Ensure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are on, and tap AirDrop to set it to “Everyone.”

AirDrop is great for transferring a few photos quickly. Position both iPads close to each other, and make sure they have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled. This method is super handy for selective transfers.

Step 4: Select Photos to Transfer via AirDrop

Open the Photos app on the source iPad, select the photos you want to transfer, tap the Share button, and choose the new iPad from the AirDrop list.

After selecting the device, the photos will start transferring immediately. You’ll receive a notification on the target iPad to accept the incoming photos. Tap “Accept” to complete the transfer.

Step 5: Verify Photos on New iPad

Open the Photos app on the new iPad to ensure all the desired photos are there.

Double-checking is always a good idea. If you don’t see some photos, give it a few minutes for the devices to finish syncing or try AirDropping the missing ones again.

Once these steps are complete, your photos should be successfully transferred from one iPad to another. You’ll have all your precious moments available across both devices, ensuring no memory is left behind.

Tips for Transferring Photos from iPad to iPad

  • Keep Both iPads Charged: Ensure both iPads have sufficient battery life, especially if transferring a large number of photos.
  • Stable Wi-Fi Connection: A strong and stable Wi-Fi connection is essential for smooth iCloud syncing.
  • Sufficient iCloud Storage: Check and upgrade your iCloud storage plan if needed to accommodate all your photos.
  • Backup First: Always back up your photos on an external drive or computer before starting the transfer.
  • Try AirDrop for Small Transfers: Use AirDrop when you need to transfer a few photos immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Transfer Photos from iPad to iPad

Can I use a USB cable to transfer photos between iPads?

No, Apple doesn’t support direct USB transfers between iPads. Use iCloud or AirDrop instead.

Will transferring photos delete them from my original iPad?

No, transferring photos does not delete them from the original iPad unless you choose to manually delete them afterward.

What if I don’t have enough iCloud storage?

You can either upgrade your iCloud storage plan or use AirDrop to transfer photos without relying on cloud storage.

Can I transfer photos without Wi-Fi?

For iCloud syncing, Wi-Fi is necessary. However, AirDrop can work using Bluetooth, but both devices need to be close to each other.

How long does it take to transfer photos?

The time varies based on the number of photos and your internet speed. AirDrop transfers are usually quicker for smaller batches of photos.

Summary of Steps

  1. Enable iCloud Photos on both iPads.
  2. Wait for photos to sync.
  3. Use AirDrop for quick transfers.
  4. Select photos to transfer via AirDrop.
  5. Verify photos on the new iPad.


Transferring photos from iPad to iPad is easy, whether you’re syncing via iCloud or using AirDrop for direct sharing. The process ensures your precious memories are available on both devices without any hassle. If you’re transferring a large library, consider the iCloud method, which provides seamless integration and continuous syncing. For smaller, immediate transfers, AirDrop is your go-to choice.

Remember to ensure both devices are properly charged and connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. Having enough iCloud storage and backing up your photos are critical steps you shouldn’t overlook. Now that you know how to transfer photos from iPad to iPad, why not give it a try? Share your favorite moments with ease, and keep those cherished memories just a tap away. Feel free to dive into Apple’s support pages for further reading or contact Apple Support if you encounter any issues. Happy transferring!

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