How to Transfer eSIM from One iPhone 15 to Another: A Step-by-Step Guide

Transferring an eSIM from one iPhone 15 to another is a straightforward process if you know the steps. With a few taps, you can ensure that your new iPhone has the same cellular plan and number as your old one. It’s all about locating the right settings and following the carrier’s instructions to make the switch.

Step by Step Tutorial to Transfer eSIM from One iPhone 15 to Another

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that transferring an eSIM means you’re moving your phone number and plan from one device to another. This process can be done without the need for a physical SIM card, making it a breeze to keep your number when upgrading phones.

Step 1: Check with Your Carrier

Reach out to your carrier to ensure they support eSIM transfers and if any additional steps are required on their end.

Carriers may have different processes or require verification before allowing an eSIM transfer. It’s crucial to clear these hurdles before beginning the transfer process.

Step 2: Go to Settings on Your Current iPhone

Navigate to the settings menu, then to “Cellular,” and select “Add Cellular Plan.”

Within the Cellular settings, you will find options related to your eSIM. This is where you’ll begin the process of transferring it to your new device.

Step 3: Choose the eSIM to Transfer

Select the plan you wish to transfer to your new iPhone 15.

If you have multiple plans, you’ll need to identify which one you want to move to your new device.

Step 4: Create a Transfer Code

Follow the prompts to create a transfer code, which will be used to complete the transfer on your new iPhone.

This code is vital for securing the transfer and making sure it’s you initiating the process.

Step 5: Enter the Transfer Code on Your New iPhone

On your new iPhone 15, go to “Settings,” then “Cellular,” and choose “Add Cellular Plan.” Enter the transfer code when prompted.

This will initiate the transfer and, if done correctly, your new phone will now have your old number and plan.

After completing these steps, the eSIM transfer should be complete. Your new iPhone 15 will now have the same phone number and cellular plan as your old one. You’ll be able to make and receive calls, send texts, and use data just like before, without any interruption in service.

Tips for Transferring eSIM from One iPhone 15 to Another

  • Ensure both iPhones are running the latest version of iOS to avoid any compatibility issues.
  • Keep both iPhones near each other during the transfer process to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Make sure your new iPhone 15 is connected to Wi-Fi and has sufficient battery life before starting the transfer.
  • If you encounter any issues, restarting both iPhones can often resolve minor glitches.
  • Remember to back up your old iPhone before starting the transfer, just in case you need to restore any data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my carrier doesn’t support eSIM?

If your carrier doesn’t support eSIM, you won’t be able to transfer an eSIM from one iPhone to another. You’ll need to use a physical SIM card instead.

Can I use the same eSIM on both iPhones simultaneously?

No, an eSIM can only be active on one device at a time. Once you transfer it to your new iPhone, it will no longer work on the old one.

Will I lose my contacts and data during the eSIM transfer?

Contacts and data are not stored on the eSIM, so you won’t lose them during the transfer. However, it’s always a good idea to back up your phone before making any changes.

How long does the transfer process take?

The transfer process is usually quick and can be completed in a few minutes, depending on your carrier and internet connection.

Can I transfer my eSIM back to my old iPhone if I change my mind?

Yes, you can transfer your eSIM back to your old iPhone by following the same steps and using a transfer code.


  1. Check with your carrier
  2. Access settings on your current iPhone
  3. Select the eSIM to transfer
  4. Create a transfer code
  5. Enter the code on your new iPhone


Transferring an eSIM from one iPhone 15 to another is a breeze with the right steps. It’s a simple process that saves you time and keeps your number without the hassle of dealing with physical SIM cards. With carriers increasingly supporting eSIM technology, staying connected on your new device is easier than ever. Just remember to check with your carrier, follow the steps, and you’ll be set up in no time. So, why wait? Make the switch and enjoy the seamless transition to your new iPhone 15 with your eSIM today!

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