How to Stop Steam from Opening at Startup in Mac OS X

The Steam application is an excellent way to purchase and download games for your Mac computer.

Not only is it a simple interface to navigate, but it provides a number of convenient ways to manage the computer games that you own for your Mac.

But when you install the application on your computer will automatically configure itself to start each time you restart or power on the computer.

If this isn’t a function that you desire, however, you can stop Steam from opening at startup in Mac OS X so that the program only launches when you want it to.

Stop Launching Steam at Startup in Mac OS X

While the steps below are specific to the Steam application, you can also use the same process to stop some other applications from launching at startup.

So if additional unwanted programs launch each time you start your Mac computer, you can configure many of them to only launch on command as well.

Step 1: Locate the Steam icon in the dock. If the icon is not there, click the Launchpad icon, then click the Steam icon.

Locate the Steam icon
Locate the Steam icon

Step 2: Right-click the Steam icon or, if you do not have a right-click button, hold down the Ctrl key and click the Steam icon.

Step 3: Hover on the Options menu to expand it, then click the Open at Login option to clear the check mark.

Uncheck the Open at Login option
Uncheck the Open at Login option

The next time you start your computer the Steam application will not launch automatically.

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