How to Split Screen on iPad Safari: A Step-by-Step Guide

Splitting the screen on iPad Safari is a cool trick that lets you view two websites at the same time. It’s super handy if you want to multitask, like watching a YouTube video while reading an article. You just need to open Safari, then use a few quick gestures to start using split screen.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Split Screen on iPad Safari

Here’s a breakdown of how to split the screen on iPad Safari. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be multitasking in no time.

Step 1: Open Safari

First, open the Safari app on your iPad.

Safari is your web browser, so you’ll start here to get everything set up.

Step 2: Open a New Tab

Next, tap the “New Tab” button, which looks like a plus sign (+).

You’ll need a second tab open to see both webpages side by side.

Step 3: Drag the New Tab

Drag the new tab out of the tab bar to the right or left edge of the screen.

This action will split the screen, placing one webpage on each side.

Step 4: Adjust the Split Screen

You can adjust the size of each window by dragging the divider in the middle.

This lets you customize how much space each website takes up on your screen.

Step 5: Navigate Both Pages

You can now navigate either webpage independently.

Enjoy browsing two sites at once, making multitasking a breeze.

After completing these steps, you can have two Safari windows open side by side. This is great for comparing information, researching while taking notes, or just keeping an eye on multiple things.

Tips for How to Split Screen on iPad Safari

  • Use Landscape Mode: Splitting the screen works best in landscape mode.
  • Friendly Websites: Some websites are better optimized for split screen, so choose your sites wisely.
  • Close Split Screen: To exit split screen, drag the divider all the way to one side until one window disappears.
  • App Switcher: Use the app switcher to quickly switch between your split screen and other apps.
  • Drag and Drop: You can also drag links from one side to the other to open them in your split screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I split the screen with other apps?

Yes, you can also use split screen with other apps, not just Safari. Open Safari first, then swipe up from the bottom to access the dock and drag another app to the screen.

Does split screen work in portrait mode?

Split screen works best in landscape mode. In portrait mode, the windows might feel cramped.

How do I exit split screen?

Drag the divider all the way to one side to close one of the windows and exit split screen.

Can I have more than two Safari windows?

No, you can only have two Safari windows open side by side at a time.

Do all iPads support split screen?

Most newer iPads support split screen, but older models may not. Check your device’s specifications.


  1. Open Safari
  2. Open a New Tab
  3. Drag the New Tab
  4. Adjust the Split Screen
  5. Navigate Both Pages


Splitting the screen on iPad Safari is a fantastic way to maximize your productivity and enhance your browsing experience. Whether you’re doing research, comparing products, or juggling multiple webpages for work or study, this feature makes multitasking seamless and efficient. Try it out and see how it can change the way you use your iPad. If you found this guide helpful, consider exploring other iPad tips and tricks to become a true iPad pro. Happy browsing!

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