iPad How to Split Screen: A Step-by-Step Guide for Multitasking

Splitting your screen on an iPad is a fantastic way to multitask efficiently. You can have two apps open side-by-side, which is perfect for comparing data, taking notes while watching a video, or just improving your workflow. To do this, you just need to swipe to open the Dock, drag an app to the side of the screen, and then select another app to open alongside it.

iPad How to Split Screen

In the following steps, you’ll learn how to split your iPad screen so you can use two apps simultaneously. It’s a simple process that can greatly enhance your productivity.

Step 1: Open the first app

To start, open the first app you want to use in split screen by tapping it on your Home Screen.

Make sure the app is fully loaded before proceeding to the next step. It doesn’t matter which app you choose; it can be anything from Notes to Safari.

Step 2: Access the Dock

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the Dock. The Dock is where your most-used and recently used apps are located.

It’s important to swipe up just a little to avoid returning to the Home Screen. Practice makes perfect here!

Step 3: Drag the second app

Locate the second app you want to use in the Dock. Press and hold the app, then drag it to the right or left edge of the screen.

You’ll know you’ve done it right when the first app moves over, and you see a space for the second app. Release the app, and it will snap into place.

Step 4: Adjust the split screen

A divider will appear between the two apps. You can drag this divider to adjust how much screen space each app gets.

This step lets you customize your workspace. If you need more room for one app, just drag the divider accordingly.

Step 5: Start multitasking

Both apps are now open side-by-side. You can interact with each app independently, making multitasking a breeze.

Now you can copy text, drag and drop files, or simply refer to one app while working in the other. The possibilities are endless!

After completing these steps, your iPad will have two apps open side-by-side in split screen mode. You can now multitask more effectively, which can be a real game-changer for productivity!

Tips for iPad How to Split Screen

  • Use the Dock Wisely: Keep the most frequently used apps in your Dock for quicker access.
  • Know Compatible Apps: Not all apps support split screen. Try apps like Safari, Mail, and Notes for the best experience.
  • Use Slide Over: You can also add a third app in a floating window by dragging an app from the Dock to the center of the screen.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: If you use a keyboard with your iPad, know the shortcuts to switch between apps quickly.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: The more you use split screen mode, the more intuitive it will become.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I use split screen with some apps?

Not all apps support split screen mode. Check if the app supports multitasking features in its settings or App Store description.

Can I use more than two apps in split screen?

You can use two apps side-by-side and a third app in Slide Over mode. Slide Over allows a floating window for a third app.

How do I exit split screen mode?

Drag the divider all the way to the edge of the screen to close one of the apps and return to single-app mode.

Does split screen mode drain the battery faster?

Using multiple apps simultaneously can consume more battery, so it’s a good idea to monitor your battery usage.

Can I save my split screen setup?

Currently, iPadOS does not support saving split screen setups. You will need to set it up each time you want to use it.


  1. Open the first app.
  2. Access the Dock.
  3. Drag the second app.
  4. Adjust the split screen.
  5. Start multitasking.


Mastering split screen on your iPad can significantly enhance your multitasking capabilities. Imagine working on a school project while referencing a website or jotting down notes while listening to a lecture. It’s a bit like having a second pair of hands to help you out! Remember, not all apps support split screen, so experiment with different apps to find what works best for you.

If you’re looking to take your iPad skills to the next level, consider exploring other multitasking features like Slide Over and Picture-in-Picture. They add even more flexibility to your workflow.

By understanding and utilizing these features, you can turn your iPad into a powerhouse of productivity. So go ahead, give it a try and see how much more you can get done with split screen mode!

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