How to Silence iPad Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide to Muting Your Device

Silencing your iPad Pro is simple and can be done in a few easy steps. Whether you need to turn off notifications for some peace and quiet or switch off all sounds for a meeting, these steps will have your device as silent as a whisper in no time.

How to Silence iPad Pro

By following these steps, you’ll be able to silence your iPad Pro quickly and efficiently. This tutorial will help you turn off all sounds and notifications to ensure your device doesn’t disturb you.

Step 1: Open the Settings App

To start, open the Settings app on your iPad Pro.

The Settings app is usually found on your home screen and looks like a gray gear. Just tap on it to get started.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Sounds’

Next, scroll down and tap on the ‘Sounds’ option.

The ‘Sounds’ option is where you can adjust various sound settings for your device. This includes volume, ringtones, and notification sounds.

Step 3: Toggle the ‘Silent Mode’ Switch

Locate the ‘Silent Mode’ switch and toggle it on.

When you switch on Silent Mode, your iPad Pro will stop making sounds for notifications and alerts. This is perfect for keeping your device quiet in quiet spaces.

Step 4: Lower the Volume

Now, use the volume buttons on the side of your iPad Pro to lower the volume to zero.

By pressing the volume down button until the volume is completely off, you make sure no accidental sounds come through.

Step 5: Enable Do Not Disturb

Lastly, go back to Settings, find ‘Do Not Disturb,’ and toggle it on.

Enabling ‘Do Not Disturb’ ensures that calls and alerts won’t interrupt you. You can also schedule this feature to automatically silence your device during specific times.

Once you complete these steps, your iPad Pro will be in full silent mode. No more unexpected notifications or sounds. You can enjoy a peaceful environment without any tech interruptions.

Tips for Silencing iPad Pro

  • Use the Control Center: Swipe down from the upper-right corner of your screen to quickly access the volume control and ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.
  • Scheduled Do Not Disturb: Use the scheduling feature to automatically silence your iPad Pro during meetings or sleep.
  • Airplane Mode: Enabling Airplane Mode can also silence your device by cutting off all wireless communications.
  • Mute Individual Apps: Go to the settings of specific apps to mute their notifications without silencing the entire device.
  • Use AssistiveTouch: Enable AssistiveTouch in Accessibility settings to quickly mute your device using an onscreen button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I silence my iPad Pro without using the Settings app?

Yes, you can swipe down from the upper-right corner to access the Control Center and adjust the volume or enable ‘Do Not Disturb.’

Does Silent Mode turn off all sounds?

Silent Mode turns off notification and alert sounds, but not media playback like music or videos.

Can I schedule silent hours on my iPad Pro?

Yes, you can schedule ‘Do Not Disturb’ in the Settings app to automatically silence your device during specific times.

Will ‘Do Not Disturb’ block all notifications?

‘Do Not Disturb’ will silence notifications, but you will still see them when you check your device later.

Can I mute just one app?

Yes, you can go to the specific app’s settings and turn off notifications for that app.


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on ‘Sounds.’
  3. Toggle the ‘Silent Mode’ switch.
  4. Lower the volume.
  5. Enable ‘Do Not Disturb.’


Silencing your iPad Pro is a straightforward process that can save you from disruptive notifications and sounds, especially in quiet or professional settings. Whether you’re in a meeting, studying, or just need some peace and quiet, these steps will ensure your device stays silent. For additional peace of mind, use tips like scheduling ‘Do Not Disturb,’ muting individual apps, or even using Airplane Mode. By taking control of your iPad Pro’s sound settings, you can create a more peaceful environment for yourself and those around you. If you’re interested in more ways to optimize your iPad experience, keep exploring the settings and features available on your device.

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