How to Reset an Old iPad: Step-by-Step Guide to Restore Performance

If you’re struggling with a sluggish or buggy old iPad, performing a reset can breathe new life into it. By following a few straightforward steps, you can reset your device to its factory settings, making it feel almost new again. This process will wipe all your data, so make sure to back up any important information before you start.

How to Reset an Old iPad

Resetting your old iPad will return it to its original factory settings, erasing all your data and installed apps. This can fix various issues and improve performance.

Step 1: Back Up Your Data

Before you start, back up all your important data to iCloud or your computer to avoid losing it.

Backing up ensures that you can restore your data and settings after the reset. Use iCloud for a wireless backup or iTunes if you prefer a wired connection.

Step 2: Open Settings

Navigate to the “Settings” app on your iPad’s home screen.

The Settings app is the hub for all device adjustments. Look for the gray icon with gears on it.

Step 3: Tap General

Within Settings, scroll down and tap “General.”

The General tab houses various device settings, including the reset options.

Step 4: Select Reset

Scroll to the bottom of the General settings and tap “Reset.”

This menu contains several reset options. Make sure you choose the right one to avoid unintended consequences.

Step 5: Choose Erase All Content and Settings

Tap “Erase All Content and Settings” to start the reset process.

This is the step where the actual reset happens. Confirm your decision, and the iPad will begin erasing all data.

Step 6: Enter Your Passcode

If prompted, enter your iPad’s passcode to proceed.

This security measure ensures that only the device owner can perform a reset. Input your passcode to confirm.

Step 7: Confirm Erase

A final confirmation will appear, asking if you are sure you want to erase everything. Confirm it.

This is your last chance to back out. Once confirmed, the reset process will start, and your iPad will reboot as a new device.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your iPad will restart and display the setup screen, just like when you first bought it. You can now set it up as a new device or restore your data from the backup you created earlier.

Tips for How to Reset an Old iPad

  • Back Up Your Data: Always back up your data to iCloud or iTunes before resetting to prevent data loss.
  • Update iOS: Ensure your iPad has the latest iOS update before resetting for optimal performance.
  • Check Battery: Make sure your iPad has enough battery life or is plugged in during the reset to prevent any interruptions.
  • Remove iCloud Lock: If you are passing the iPad to someone else, remember to remove the iCloud lock to make the transition smoother.
  • Reinstall Apps: Make a list of your essential apps so you can quickly reinstall them after the reset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reset my iPad without losing data?

No, resetting your iPad will erase all data. Ensure you back up your data before proceeding.

How long does it take to reset an iPad?

The reset process usually takes a few minutes, but it can vary depending on the amount of data stored.

Will resetting my iPad remove viruses?

Yes, resetting your iPad can remove any malware or viruses, giving you a fresh start.

Do I need to sign out of iCloud before resetting?

Signing out of iCloud is advisable, especially if you plan to sell or give away your iPad.

Can I cancel a reset once it starts?

No, once the reset process begins, it cannot be stopped. Make sure you’re ready before you confirm.


  1. Back Up Your Data
  2. Open Settings
  3. Tap General
  4. Select Reset
  5. Choose Erase All Content and Settings
  6. Enter Your Passcode
  7. Confirm Erase


Resetting an old iPad can be a game-changer, restoring its speed and functionality. Whether you’re looking to fix persistent issues or simply want a fresh start, following these steps will ensure a smooth process. Just remember to back up your data, double-check your settings, and proceed with caution. If you found this article helpful, consider sharing it with others who might benefit. For more detailed guides and tips, keep exploring our site. Happy resetting!

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