How to Fully Reset iPad: A Comprehensive Guide for All Users

Resetting an iPad completely wipes out all data, returning it to its factory settings. This can be useful if you’re experiencing issues, selling your device, or simply want a fresh start. To reset your iPad, you’ll need to open the Settings app, navigate to General, and select “Reset” or “Transfer or Reset iPad.” From there, choose “Erase All Content and Settings,” confirm your decision, and enter your passcode if prompted. Your iPad will then erase all data and restart as if it were brand new.

How to Fully Reset iPad

Resetting your iPad will delete all data and settings, giving you a clean slate. Here’s how you do it, step by step.

Step 1: Open the Settings app

Locate the Settings icon on your home screen and tap on it.

Settings is where you configure almost everything on your iPad. It’s the grey icon with gears on it, and it’s usually on the first page of your home screen.

Step 2: Tap on General

Scroll down and find the General tab in the list of options.

The General tab is where you’ll find many of the core settings for your iPad, including software updates, storage info, and, most importantly for this task, the reset options.

Step 3: Select “Reset” or “Transfer or Reset iPad”

Scroll to the bottom and tap on “Reset” or “Transfer or Reset iPad” depending on your iOS version.

In newer versions of iOS, Apple has combined the reset options into a single menu. Regardless of the label, this is where you’ll find the option to erase everything on your iPad.

Step 4: Choose “Erase All Content and Settings”

Tap on “Erase All Content and Settings” to proceed.

This option will delete everything on your iPad, including your apps, photos, and any personal data. It’s like giving your iPad a brand-new start.

Step 5: Confirm the Reset

You’ll be asked to confirm your decision and enter your passcode.

Make sure you really want to do this because there’s no going back once you confirm. Entering your passcode is a security measure to ensure that only you can reset your device.

Step 6: Enter your Apple ID password

Input your Apple ID password if prompted.

This step is necessary to disable Find My iPad and Activation Lock. Without this, the iPad won’t be able to be fully reset.

Step 7: Wait for the Reset Process to Complete

Your iPad will restart and start erasing all data.

This can take a few minutes. Your iPad will show the Apple logo and a progress bar while it’s resetting. Once completed, it will restart as a brand-new device.

After completing these steps, your iPad will be free of all previous data and settings, essentially like it just left the factory.

Tips for How to Fully Reset iPad

  • Backup your data: Before resetting, ensure you have a backup of all your important data on iCloud or your computer.
  • Sign out of iCloud: Logging out of iCloud can make the reset process smoother and prevent complications.
  • Charge your iPad: Make sure your iPad is fully charged or connected to power during the reset process to avoid interruptions.
  • Remove SIM card: If you have a cellular model, remove the SIM card to prevent any issues.
  • Know your Apple ID: Have your Apple ID and password handy, as you’ll need them to disable certain features like Find My iPad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will resetting my iPad delete everything?

Yes, a full reset will erase all data and settings on your iPad, returning it to factory settings.

Do I need to back up my iPad before resetting it?

It’s highly recommended to back up your data to iCloud or a computer before resetting, to avoid losing important information.

What happens if I forget my Apple ID password?

You’ll need to reset your Apple ID password before you can complete the process. Visit the Apple ID website for assistance.

Can I undo a reset?

No, once the reset process has begun, you cannot undo it. Make sure you want to proceed before confirming.

Is it safe to reset my iPad?

Yes, resetting your iPad is safe and can help resolve many issues. Just be sure to back up your data first.


  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Select “Reset” or “Transfer or Reset iPad.”
  4. Choose “Erase All Content and Settings.”
  5. Confirm the reset.
  6. Enter your Apple ID password.
  7. Wait for the reset process to complete.


Resetting your iPad is like hitting the refresh button in life—it can solve issues, clear out clutters, and give you a fresh start. Whether you’re looking to fix performance problems, preparing your device for sale, or just want a clean slate, knowing how to fully reset your iPad is an essential skill. Don’t forget to back up your data before you start, and have your Apple ID information ready to go.

If you encounter any issues or have questions, feel free to refer back to this guide or consult Apple’s support resources for further reading. Now that you know the steps, you’re well-equipped to handle any iPad reset scenario with confidence.