How to Map a Network Drive Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mapping a network drive in Windows 11 allows you to access shared files and folders from another computer on your network as if they were on your own PC. This process is straightforward and involves a few simple steps. You’ll be able to quickly locate and use network resources without constantly reconnecting to the network. Here’s how you can do it.

How to Map a Network Drive Windows 11

Mapping a network drive in Windows 11 involves just a few steps to make shared folders easily accessible on your computer. Following these instructions will help you set up a network drive successfully.

Step 1: Open File Explorer

Open File Explorer by clicking on the folder icon in the taskbar or pressing the Windows key + E.

File Explorer is your gateway to the files and folders on your computer. It’s also where you can access shared drives and folders from other computers on your network.

Step 2: Click on “This PC”

In the left-hand pane, click on “This PC” to view your drives and devices.

“This PC” shows all your local drives, along with any network drives you have mapped previously. It’s the central hub for managing your computer’s storage.

Step 3: Click on “Map Network Drive”

Click on the “Map network drive” option in the top menu.

You’ll find this option under the Computer tab in the top toolbar. Clicking it opens a wizard that guides you through the process of mapping the drive.

Step 4: Choose a Drive Letter

Select a drive letter from the dropdown menu that you want to assign to the network drive.

The drive letter is how your computer will identify the network drive. Choose a letter that isn’t already in use by another drive on your PC.

Step 5: Enter the Folder Path

Enter the path of the folder you want to map. You can also browse for the folder.

The path should be in the format serverfolder. If you don’t know the exact path, you can click “Browse” to navigate to the folder you want to map.

Step 6: Connect Using Different Credentials (if necessary)

If you need to use different login credentials to access the network folder, check the box that says “Connect using different credentials.”

Sometimes, the credentials used to log into your computer won’t have permission to access the network folder. In such cases, you will need to enter separate credentials.

Step 7: Finish the Setup

Click “Finish” to complete the process.

Once you click Finish, Windows will attempt to connect to the network folder using the provided path and credentials. If successful, the network drive will appear under “This PC” with the chosen drive letter.

After completing these steps, the network drive will appear in File Explorer under “This PC.” You can now access it like any other folder on your computer.

Tips for Mapping a Network Drive Windows 11

  • Ensure Network Discovery is Enabled: If your computer can’t find the network folder, make sure network discovery and file sharing are enabled in your network settings.
  • Use Static IP Addresses: Assign static IP addresses to computers on your network to avoid issues with changing addresses.
  • Reconnect at Sign-In: Check the box to reconnect at sign-in to ensure the network drive is available every time you log into your computer.
  • Check Permissions: Make sure you have permission to access the folder you want to map. Contact your network administrator if you’re unsure.
  • Keep Credentials Handy: Store your network login credentials safely. You may need them if you change your password or access a different network.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mapping a Network Drive Windows 11

Why can’t I see the network drive?

Ensure network discovery is turned on and that you have the correct permissions to access the folder.

What should I do if the network drive disconnects?

Check your network connection, and make sure the “Reconnect at sign-in” option is checked when mapping the drive.

How do I remove a mapped network drive?

Right-click on the mapped drive in File Explorer under “This PC” and select “Disconnect.”

Can I map multiple network drives?

Yes, you can map multiple network drives by following the same steps for each folder you want to map.

Is it possible to map a network drive using the command prompt?

Yes, use the “net use” command followed by the drive letter and network path.


  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Click on “This PC”
  3. Click on “Map Network Drive”
  4. Choose a Drive Letter
  5. Enter the Folder Path
  6. Connect Using Different Credentials (if necessary)
  7. Finish the Setup


Mapping a network drive in Windows 11 is a practical way to streamline your access to shared resources on your network. By following the steps outlined above, you can effortlessly connect to network folders and make them readily available from your File Explorer. Whether you’re working in a small office or managing files at home, understanding how to map a network drive can save you time and improve productivity.

If you’ve found this guide useful, why not explore additional features that Windows 11 offers? There’s always something new to learn that can make your computing experience smoother and more efficient. Happy networking!

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