How to Know if You’re Blocked on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you feeling left out because your calls and texts to an iPhone user are going unanswered? It could be that you’ve been blocked. But how do you know for sure? Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we’re about to dive into! In just a few easy steps, you’ll learn how to decipher the subtle clues that indicate if you’ve been blocked on an iPhone.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Know If You’re Blocked on iPhone

Before we jump into the steps, let’s quickly understand what we’re trying to achieve here. By following these steps, you’ll be able to look for signs that suggest you may have been blocked by an iPhone user. It’s not rocket science, but it requires a bit of detective work. Ready? Let’s get started!

Step 1: Attempt to Make a Call

Make a call to the person you suspect has blocked you.

When you make a call, and it immediately goes to voicemail or you hear a message stating the person is not accepting calls, this could be a sign. However, don’t jump to conclusions just yet. It could also mean their phone is off or they’re in a do-not-disturb mode.

Step 2: Send a Text Message

Send an iMessage to the person in question.

If your iMessage shows only “Delivered” but never switches to “Read,” it’s possible that you’ve been blocked. Normally, when someone has blocked you, iMessages will still say “Delivered” if they have reached the other person’s phone, but you won’t receive any other feedback.

Step 3: Check the Call Log

Look at your recent call log with the person.

If your past calls with them are still in your call log, but any new calls you attempt don’t show up, it could mean that they have blocked you. This would indicate they’re not receiving the calls on their end.

Step 4: Try from Another Phone Number

Call or text the person from a different phone number.

If you’re able to get through to the person using a different phone number, that’s a pretty clear sign that your main number has been blocked. This should only be done as a last resort, as it’s quite an invasive step.

After completing these actions, you should have a better understanding of whether you’ve been blocked by an iPhone user. Remember, these are just indicators, not definitive proof. For example, if someone’s phone is broken or they’ve changed their number, you might experience similar call and message behaviors as if you were blocked.

Tips: How to Know If You’re Blocked on iPhone

  • Tip: Always consider other explanations for why your calls and messages are unanswered before assuming you’ve been blocked.
  • Tip: If you’re continually sent to voicemail after one ring or less, it could indicate a block.
  • Tip: If you never see “Read” receipts on iMessages, but used to, it’s a potential sign of being blocked.
  • Tip: Reach out through another messaging app or social media to see if the person responds there. This can confirm if it’s just a phone issue.
  • Tip: Respect the other person’s privacy and decision to block, if that is indeed the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tell if I’ve been blocked for sure?

No, there is no definitive way to tell if you’ve been blocked on an iPhone, but the steps outlined provide strong indicators.

Will my calls always go to voicemail if I am blocked?

Most of the time, but the person could also have their phone off or be using the Do Not Disturb function.

Will I see “Delivered” on my iMessages if I’m blocked?

Typically, yes. iMessages will still show “Delivered” even if you’re blocked, but they won’t ever show “Read.”

Is there a way to get unblocked?

Unfortunately, no. The decision to unblock a number is entirely up to the person who has done the blocking.

Can I block someone on my iPhone too?

Yes, you can block someone by going to your recent calls or messages, clicking on the contact, and selecting “Block this Caller.”


  1. Make a call to the person.
  2. Send an iMessage to the person.
  3. Check your recent call log.
  4. Try calling or texting from a different number.


Being blocked on an iPhone can leave you feeling perplexed, but with the steps we’ve outlined here, you’ll be able to pick up on the subtle hints that might indicate you’ve been blocked. Remember, communication is a two-way street, and while it’s important to understand how to know if you’re blocked on iPhone, it’s equally crucial to respect the other person’s decision. If you find yourself blocked, take a step back, reflect on the situation, and consider reaching out through other non-invasive means or simply moving on. After all, in the grand scheme of things, being blocked is just a minor bump in the vast road of communication and relationships. Keep your chin up, and don’t let it deter you from making meaningful connections elsewhere.

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