How to Export Chrome Bookmarks: A Step-by-Step Guide

Exporting Chrome bookmarks is a straightforward process that involves saving your bookmarks as an HTML file which can then be imported into another browser or kept as a backup. Let’s dive into how you can accomplish this with ease.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Export Chrome Bookmarks

Before we start with the steps, know that you’re about to make a copy of all your Chrome bookmarks that can be used as a backup or imported to another browser. It’s a simple process that doesn’t require any special skills or software.

Step 1: Open Bookmark Manager

Open Google Chrome and press Ctrl+Shift+O on your keyboard to open Bookmark Manager.

In Bookmark Manager, you’ll see all your saved bookmarks and folders. If you haven’t organized your bookmarks into folders, they will all be listed under the ‘Bookmarks bar’ section.

Step 2: Click on the Three Dots

On the top-right corner of the Bookmark Manager page, click on the three dots.

This will open up a small menu where you’ll find several options to manage your bookmarks.

Step 3: Select ‘Export Bookmarks’

From the menu that appears, select ‘Export bookmarks’.

By selecting ‘Export bookmarks’, you’re instructing Chrome to create a file with all your bookmarks which you can then save on your computer.

Step 4: Save the HTML File

Choose a location on your computer to save the HTML file and click ‘Save’.

Remember the location where you save the file – you’ll need to navigate to this location if you want to import your bookmarks to a different browser.

After completing these steps, you will have an HTML file that contains all your Chrome bookmarks. You can use this file to import your bookmarks to another browser or as a backup in case you need to restore them later.

Tips for Exporting Chrome Bookmarks

  • Make sure to name the HTML file something you’ll remember or recognize.
  • Save the export file in a safe location where you can easily access it later.
  • If you’re planning to import bookmarks to another browser, check if that browser supports HTML files.
  • Keep your bookmarks organized in folders for easier management before exporting.
  • Regularly export your bookmarks as a backup to avoid losing them if your browser crashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I import bookmarks to another browser?

To import bookmarks to another browser, open the bookmark manager of that browser and look for an ‘Import bookmarks’ option. You’ll need to select the HTML file you exported from Chrome.

Will exporting bookmarks save my folders?

Yes, exporting bookmarks from Chrome will also save the folders that you’ve organized your bookmarks into.

Can I edit the HTML file?

While you can technically edit the HTML file with a text editor, it’s not recommended as it may corrupt the file and make it unusable for importing.

Is it possible to export bookmarks from the mobile version of Chrome?

No, the mobile version of Chrome does not currently support exporting bookmarks. You’ll need to use the desktop version.

Can I choose specific bookmarks to export?

No, the export function will copy all of your bookmarks. If you want to export specific bookmarks, you’ll need to organize them into a separate folder and export that folder individually.


  1. Open Bookmark Manager
  2. Click on the three dots
  3. Select ‘Export bookmarks’
  4. Save the HTML file


Exporting Chrome bookmarks is a savvy move whether you’re switching browsers, setting up a new computer, or simply backing up your digital life. Think of it as packing up a box of your favorite books before a move – it’s essential, and you’ll be grateful for the effort when it’s time to unpack. The process we’ve outlined above is easy to follow, and it ensures that all your web favorites are safely stowed away for future use. Remember that technology can be unpredictable, and having a recent backup of your bookmarks can save you from the headache of losing all your important links. So, take a few minutes now to export your Chrome bookmarks – you’ll thank yourself later. And if you’ve got any lingering questions or run into a snag, there’s a wealth of resources and forums online where you can find help. Happy bookmarking!

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